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BRYCE BERKOWITZ is a multi-ethnic writer based in Indianapolis via Montana, West Virginia, L.A., Chicago, and southern Illinois. Impassioned by subcultures—skateboarding, graffiti, and hip-hop—Bryce dropped out of college at 19 to book touring hip hop acts, and wait tables at a Sufi-Muslim polygamist-owned café until a career shift took him from lit assistant to professor. Raised by a major crimes detective father and a mother battling addiction, Bryce writes underdog stories about resilient people confronting power, class, and crimes set in places he's lived: low-income housing, trailer parks, college towns, mining towns, and overpriced cities. He’s the recipient of the Austin Film Festival AMC TV Pilot Award, a ScreenCraft TV Fellowship finalist, and a two-time NBC TV Writers’ Program finalist with two pilots named Top 20 of the Year on Coverfly. In addition to having degrees from Columbia College Chicago and West Virginia University, Bryce attributes much of his creativity to being neurodivergent (ADHD)--just like Greta Gerwig, Daniel Kwan, among others

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