2020 JumpStart Competition

Entry Pricing & Deadlines


Early | June 29th, 2020 | $45

Regular | July 27th, 2020 | $60

Late | Aug 24th, 2020 | $75

Add Feedback Notes | +$45
Receive a one page analysis of your script.

Grand Prize (2)

Pilot Category & Film Category
  • 10x private - "social distance friendly" virtual meetings with industry executives and/or competition judges.
  • A private Month Mentorship with an executive of your choice from Roadmap's list of available execs.
  • Steps 1 & 2 of Roadmap's Career Writer Program (Pitch Prep Program and Marketing Intensive)
  • 5x Free Open Pitch Sessions
  • 12 months of Roadmap's "Industry On-Ramp" Program
  • A 30-Minute Marketing & Strategy Call with Roadmap's CEO and Director of Operations.
  • Copy of Final Draft Software
  • Featured in our JumpStart Competition Booklet, circulated to over 400 execs.

See below for full list of placements and prizes!


Why Should I Enter?

The Jumpstart Competition is designed to give writers unique opportunities to advance their creative careers. We work with more than 400 working industry professionals to help discover new and unique voices. And when we talk, they listen. That's how we've helped 118 writers land representation.

It's not a sprint but a marathon. We're passionate about helping our writers break through, whether that's landing representation, meeting more industry executives, or finding a home for your script. We advocate for our writers months after our final announcement. That's because your success is our success, and we are always in your corner!

Roadmap Writers is a trusted name in the writer community and we practice what we preach. We bring the same level of industry access from our virtual classrooms to our competitions.

We place a premium on creating meaningful opportunities and industry relationships so that you can jump start your writing career!

Winners announced!

2020 JumpStart Writing Competition!

This competition is open to both features and pilots of all genres.

Roadmap Writers is a leader in screenwriting education and training taught by working industry executives & literary representatives. In just four years, Roadmap has helped more than 160 writers get signed to representation with agents and managers! Through our educational programs and competitions, Roadmap has directly helped writers get signed to companies including CAA, APA, Gersh, 3 Arts, Circle of Confusion, Gotham Group, Zero Gravity, Good Fear, Echo Lake Entertainment, and many more!

In addition to top industry judges, we've partnered with management/production company Zero Gravity who will guarantee to sign at least one writer from this year's competition. Unlike other competitions that charge additional fees, this opportunity is included with your entry.

2020 JumpStart Competition Judges Include...

  • 3 Arts Entertainment - Ari Lubet (Manager)
  • Circle of Confusion - Daniela Gonzalez (Manager)
  • Fourth Wall Entertainment - Jon Huddle (Partner & Manager)
  • Gotham Group - Tony Gil (Manager)
  • Kaplan Perrone - Cassie Duffy (Manager)
  • Roar - Jay Glazer (Manager)
  • Strong Baby Productions - Brandon Loureiro (Manager of Development)
  • The H Collective - Tessie Groff (Director of Development)
  • Vertigo Entertainment - Andrew Childs (VP of Development)
  • Writ Large - Matthew Dartnell (Manager)
  • Zero Gravity - Joe Riley (Manager)


Zero Gravity Management
is a progressive entertainment company whose strength lies in the development and representation of screenwriters, directors, and actors. They maintain a list of some of the industry's most established professionals in all areas. In addition to representation Zero Gravity is also a well-respected full service production company handling the development, finance, execution and sale of projects in film, TV and new media.

As a production company their credits include Netflix's OZARK, the Octavia Spencer Netflix limited series SELF MADE, THE ACCOUNTANT, A FAMILY MAN, the upcoming Liam Neeson actioner HONEST THIEF, and many more.

This amazing opportunity is INCLUDED free with your entry.

All entrants are eligible to win the Guaranteed Signing Prize, so even if you don't place in the Top 50 or above you are still in contention for this prize! So whether you have a feature script or a TV pilot, Roadmap's JumpStart Competition is here to bring you big career changing opportunities!

2020 Judges

Additional Prizes

Runner Up (each category)

  • 3 Virtual meetings with industry execs
  • 1 year of Roadmap's "On-Ramp" Program
  • 3 Free Open Pitch Session credits. Choose to pitch to execs or reps.
  • 30-Minute Marketing & Strategy Call with Roadmap CEO and Director of Operations
  • Logline and bio featured in our JumpStart Competition Booklet, circulated to over 400 execs

Top 5 Finalists (each category) 

  • 1 Virtual meeting with and industry exec
  • 3 months of Roadmap's "On-Ramp" Program
  • 1 Free Open Pitch Session credit. Choose to pitch to execs or reps.
  • One 60-Minute Group Strategy Webinar with an industry executive 
  • 15-Minute Marketing & Strategy Call with Roadmap CEO and Director of Operations
  • Logline and bio featured in our JumpStart Competition Booklet, circulated to over 400 execs

Top 20 Semifinalists (each category)

  • 1 month of Roadmap's "On-Ramp" Program
  • One 60-Minute Group Strategy Webinar with an industry executive 
  • Featured on Roadmap Writers Website
  • Logline and bio circulated to over 400 execs we work with.

Top 50 Quarterfinalists (each category)

  • One 60-Minute Group Strategy Webinar with an industry executive 
  • Featured on Roadmap Writers Website
  • Logline circulated to over 400 execs we work with.



Submissions will be judged by independent industry experts based on the following criteria. The below explanations of each criterion is by no means an exhaustive list, but just an example of some of the questions readers and judges consider in each category.

Is it unique/original? Is it a new spin on a familiar story? Does the concept have longer form potential for either film or TV? Is it commercial? Is it a festival-worthy indie? Can it succinctly be explained? Do the actions and obstacles advance the story?

Are the characters well developed? Is their purpose or struggle clearly identifiable? Do they have a clear and complete arc? Are they multi-layered? Are the characters relatable or accessible to the reader?

Does the dialogue elevate the scene? Does it heighten the overall story? Does it propel the story forward?

Is the story compelling? Does it serve to drive the characters and events forward in a meaningful way? Does it emphasize a deeper theme? Does the story explore new ideas? Is the story timely? Does it touch on things that are part of the zeitgeist? 

Does the story have a clear beginning, middle and end? Does it have the appropriate structural beats? Is it formatted properly? Does it follow a traditional structure or play with conventions?

Does the writer use interesting word choice and sentence structure?  Do they have a unique way to view and relay what’s happening in the story? Does the writer present/have a unique perspective?

Rules/Announcement Dates

Read our full list of rules here.

Revised Announcement Dates

Quarterfinalists - October 27th, 2020
Semifinalists - November 10th, 2020
Finalists - November 19th, 2020
Winners - December 15th, 2020
(dates subject to change)