Nicholas Bogner

Manager / Producer, Affirmative Entertainment
Formats Interested In
Particularly Interested In

One-Hour Streaming TV.

Writers of Color
Women Writers
LGBTQIA+ Writers
Writers Outside LA
Authors (Non-Fiction)
Feature Genres
Budget Range
Up to $50MM
TV Formats
Half-Hour Pilots (single-cam)
One-Hour Pilots
TV Movies
TV Homes
Premium Cable
TV Genres
Crime/True Crime
Graphic Novel Adaptation
Road Trip
Socially Relevant
True Story
Young Adult (YA)
Specifically Not Interested In

Broad Comedy. Fantasy.

More about Nicholas Bogner

As a producer and manager of actors, writers and directors, Nicholas Bogner has vast experience in all areas of television and features. He has been an executive for major feature companies (such as Cruise-Wagner and for actor/producer Michael Dougas) as well as a television network (TNT) and also has two produced credits as a screenwriter, The Little Death and No Strings Attached. He also produced Soccer Mom starring Emily Osment (The Kominsky Method, Hannah Montana) and Missi Pyle (Jumanji, The Artist, Gone Girl) for Starz and Anchor Bay. Most recently, he produced A Nice Girl Like You (based on a non-fiction book by Ayn Carrillo- Gailey) which stars Lucy Hale (Katy Keene, Fantasy Island, Pretty Little Liars) and Jackie Cruz (Orange Is The New Black).

Bogner runs the literary branch of the management/production company Affirmative Entertainment. Bogner has sold features and pilots and pitches to the major studies and networks. Most recently, several clients have had their films produced: Wedding Season on Netflix; the theatrical film Infinite Storm starring Naomi Watts and Billy Howle; and Refuge, which is currently in post and is directed by Renny Harlin. Additionally, Bogner is attached to several other projects, including James Ellroy’s book Clandestine.

Prior to producing and managing, Bogner served as vice president of original programming for Turner Network Television (TNT) for seven years. In this capacity, he was responsible for the development of all long form – including two-hour movies, backdoor pilots, and mini-series. Bogner worked on several high-profile projects including Steven Spielberg’s twelve-hour mini Into The West as well as Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. Beyond these projects, Bogner shepherded over 15 movies into production.

Prior to assuming his position at TNT, Bogner spent four years at Cruise-Wagner Productions (Tom Cruise and Paul Wagner), where he spearheaded the acquisition of material, supervised writers and collaborated with directors and talent on such films as Mission Impossible: 2, Without Limits, Vanilla Sky, and The Others, which he’s credited with finding and supervising. Bogner began his career at the Agency for Performing Arts (APA).

Bogner was born in London, England and left to attend UCLA, where he graduated with a BA in English Literature. His mother is a television producer and manager credited with discovering the British model Jean Shrimpton while his father is the author of some fifteen novels, including the best seller and highly regarded mini-series Seventh Avenue. His stepmother was the late Bettye McCartt, who Juno Temple depicted in The Offer. 

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