Alyssa Roat

Editor, Mountain Brook Ink
Formats Interested In
Particularly Interested In

Anything YA is my preference. Any genre at all, I want to see it. In adult fiction, I love fantasy, speculative, historical, and romance with an interesting twist.

Book Genres
Historical Fiction
Period Piece
Women's Fiction
Young Adult (YA) / Teen
Specifically Not Interested In

Erotica. If there are graphic sex scenes, I don't want to read them. Allusions to sex, fade to black and such are fine. I'm also not the right person for picture books.

More about Alyssa Roat

Alyssa Roat has worked in a wide variety of roles within the publishing industry as an agent, editor, writer, and marketer. She is the Publicity Manager at Mountain Brook Ink and Mountain Brook Fire, a former associate literary agent at Cyle Young Literary Elite, an editor with Sherpa Editing Services, and a freelance writer with 250+ bylines in local, national, and international publications. Alyssa has edited the published work of bestselling authors and the unpublished manuscripts of first-time writers. Alyssa herself is the author of eight traditionally published and soon-to-be published novels for YA and adult audiences.

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