Wise Words Writing Contest: Finalists Announced

September 19, 2017

Wise Words Writing Contest: Finalists Announced

The time has come!

Below, in alphabetical order, are the Top 30 TV and Top 30 Feature Finalists for Roadmap's 1st Annual "Wise Words" Writing Contest.

We received well over 2,000 submissions and the competition was super tight. If you didn't make it into the semis, don't fret! This is just one of many free opportunities we are planning to launch over the next few months. So stay tuned!

Remember, as with any contest, everything is subjective. We've known writers to place really high in one contest and not place at all in another. 

From the below Finalists our readers will request and read the entire script from each writer and choose the Grand Prize Winners to be announced in 3 weeks!

Our readers spent weeks going through the submissions and without further delay the Finalists are:


Mary Albanese - Rodolfo and Julienne
Sam Bass - Bass Reeves
Mark Bowes - A Lower East Side Story
Michael F. Burry - The Rocket Man
Debbie Castanha - To Be Perfectly Frank
Ashley Clark - Walking Home to Houston
Michael Davies - Psychopomp 
Marigold Edwards - Shadow of Turtle Mountain
Mark Esslinger - Inside Information
Andy Froemke - The Proteus Effect
Ann Hawker - Going To Austria
Greg Hill - The Wild Wild Witch
Syrie James - Edate
Wayne Douglas Johnson - Fight For Freedom
Janice Lipsky - Woot!
Denise Meyers - Truth Against the World
Jeff & Greg Nicholson - Johnson & Johnson 
David Pailler - Life Support
Kim Parker - Distant Voices
Pamela Perry - Captain Owlhawk E.T.
Chris Phillips - Celeste and Hal
Robert Reid - Fleetwood Walker
Gene Renaker & Rob Striks - Preacher Kid
Judith Resell - Hellfire
Kurt Schau - Vanishing Smile
Karl Shefelman - The Hunters
Ellin Stein - Nakasero
Whitney Stewart - Steal The Light
Debi Yaz - Blind Pursuit
Jana Zinser - Street Smarts


Amy Amani - MMI
Beverly Bridges - Creepies
Curt Burdick - Stopping Satan
Mugs Cahill - Jook
Keith Davidson - The Peacemaker
Glenn Doyle - Guarding Angels
Anna Elias - Devil's Port
Jane Evans - Tantric Beauty
Irwin Greenstein - When the World Was Square
Allen Gutterman - Canal Street
Robert Herold - Rough Cut
Don Hofmeister - Looking Beyond
Gary Houk - Olympus Rising
Christine Autrand Mitchell - Keepers
Gail Mackenzie-Smith - Invisible
Steve Morris - Triple Agent
Sylvia Parker - Blackbirds
George Perez - Searcher
Willow Polson - The Teacher
Mark Robertson - Cannonball Express
Scott Saltzburg - Hello, Cruel World
Mindy Schneider - To The Dogs
Michael Shapiro - Run! Run! Run! The Lives of Abbie Hoffman
Val Stulman - Regensis
Jackie Thornton - Chamber Music
Joyce Turner - My Real Fake Life
Jon Vandergriff - Despairity
Burton L. Warner & Michael Hamilton-Wright - McGraw
Eric Westlake - The Case Manager
Pamela Winfrey - Women Will Have Their Dogs

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