2020 JumpStart Writing Competition - Winners Announced!

December 15, 2020

2020 JumpStart Writing Competition - Winners Announced!

Winners Announced - 2020 JumpStart Writing Competition

Roadmap Writers is incredibly excited to announce the Grand Prize winners and runners-up for the third annual JumpStart Writing Competition.

After narrowing down the field of exceptional scripts to five features and five pilots, we turned to our esteemed judging panel of execs from companies that included Kaplan Perrone, Circle of Confusion, Gotham Group, Fourth Wall Entertainment, Writ Large, and more, to select this year's winners.

Still ahead will be the announcement of our Zero Gravity winner in the next few weeks. All of us at Roadmap are excited to work closely with our Grand Prize winners and beyond to help them gain industry exposure and achieve their career goals.

So please join us as we congratulate our 2020 JumpStart Competition Winners and Runners-up!

Grand Prize Winners


THE GROWTH By Samantha Clay

Logline: Jane, a homely and unpleasant woman, has a growth on her back which has developed to the point of having gained self-awareness and cognitive abilities. Also, it's gorgeous! The growth, who named herself Cindy, is charming, incredibly talented, and lovable, all of the things Jane is not. 


TOWER 9 By Clint Ross

Logline: A rookie backcountry ranger stationed for the summer in a fire lookout tower finds herself alone in the territory of a predatory bear. 



RUBBERNECKER By Varun Raman & Tom Hancock

Logline: A lonely, morbidly curious data scraper develops an obsession for a woman after he witnesses her survive a traffic accident. When he breaks into her house and stumbles upon her murder, he becomes fixated with finding who did it.


DEAREST By Nick & Amanda

Logline: A twelve-year-old boy endures his mother’s cruel therapeutic treatments for an accident he doesn’t remember, but when his home is invaded by a stranger, the boy’s world is challenged and he struggles to uncover the truth of his past and whether these treatments will cure him or kill him.

Congrats again to all our winners!

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