2019 JumpStart Writing Competition - Winners Announced!

November 14, 2019

2019 JumpStart Writing Competition - Winners Announced!

We are incredibly excited to announce the winners and runners-up of our second annual JumpStart Writing Competition!

After narrowing down the field of exceptional scripts to five features and five pilots, we turned to our esteemed judging panel of execs from companies that included Echo Lake Entertainment, MGM, Lit Entertainment, Bron Studios, Bellevue Productions,  and more to help select our winners.

We're also excited to announce the winner of our Guaranteed Signing Prize with literary manager Jonathan Hersh of Housefire Management.

All of us at Roadmap are excited to work closely with these writers to help them gain industry exposure and hit their career goals. So please join us as we congratulate our 2019 JumpStart Competition Winners and Runners-up!


THE WOODHULL by Lynda Brendish

Logline: Based on the true story of Victoria Woodhull's radical 1872 bid for the U.S.presidency, 50 years before women had the vote — and the sex scandals, hubris and patriarchal powers-that-be that prevent her success.


RETURNED by Jennifer Grand

Logline: In 19th century, rural England, an upper-class, expectant mother lives an idyllic life until a horrifying brush with death brings an angry entity into her life. Now she must figure out how to protect her family from a spirit that only she can see.


PLAGUE by Alyssa & Griffin Devine                                                                  

Logline: PLAGUE tells the true story of the disease that swept through Europe in the 1340s,killing half the population and sparking a revolution that would change religion, law, and medicine forever. The pilot follows a mix of high-born and low-born characters over the course of the first twenty-four hours of the Plague’s arrival in Europe as each of their lives are turned completely upside down.


HARM'S WAY by Ted Campbell

Logline: A local sheriff’s loyalties are put to the test when newly discovered human remains threaten to implicate an old friend in a decades old murder.

Signed with manager Jonathan Hersh of Housefire Management

CHÓ by Jon Shaivitz

Logline: A teenage street kid in present day Vietnam races to find his kidnapped dog before it's killed and turned into canine meat.

Congrats again to all our winners!

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