100+ Writers Signed - Special Announcement!

February 17, 2020

100+ Writers Signed - Special Announcement!

100 Writers Signed Milestone in 3 Years!


Ok, we’re actually at 103 writers signed, so as promised we have a bunch of exciting things to announce!


But before we get started, a quick note. It’s important to know that these are writers that we have directly introduced to their reps. This doesn’t include signings where a writer took a class with us and found their manager or agent on their own without our involvement. If we included those, there would be dozens more! We know many other organizations out there stuff their success stories with nonsense, so it's been important to us from the beginning that we only count success stories that we actually had a hand in. 


In addition to 103 signings, through our programs and introductions, writers have also had their scripts picked up by New Republic Pictures, MGM, Amazon Studios, and Lionsgate (actually 2 with Lionsgate, including 1 in post-production starring Bruce Willis!). We’ve also had writers hired on studio-level projects for Universal, Disney, Netflix, and Paramount, to name a few.





Tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 18th, our Open Pitch Sessions will be FREE for a limited time. Do your research today, and tomorrow at 9:00am PT you can select 1 pitch you would like to participate in for free! Use discount code 100MILESTONE at checkout to redeem your 1 free pitch! This code will only become valid on Tuesday @ 9:00am PT and will only be active for the first 100 writers who use it. 



The main thing that separates Roadmap from the rest is the investment we make in the individual. That’s one of the reasons we have been able to help over a hundred writers now find representation with agents and managers. Sign up for any of these FREE check-ins so we can help you with your individual career goals, including marketing tips & tricks. (If you are in the Career Writer Program, you don’t need to sign up; I'll email you about exclusive check-in roundtables.) We are going to be doing a lot more hands-on check-ins, follow-ups, and marketing for our vetted writers. This will help ensure writers are truly best positioned for success and will contribute to the overall growth of our success stories!



Now through the end of March, anyone who registers for an Open Pitch Session (free or paid) will be eligible for a Guaranteed Signing opportunity with Recon Literary Management! Here's how it works. Starting today, we'll be tracking & analyzing all the pitches to determine which pitches receive the most positive feedback. From there, we will identify the Top 20 pitchers and request scripts from those writers. Next, we will narrow it down to one writer who will be signed to representation by Recon Literary!



We want you to record and upload a 1-minute video introduction of yourself, what you like to write, why you got into writing, and anything else pertinent to your writing goals or style. Upload to Twitter or Instagram and include the caption #Roadmap100. Deadline to enter is March 1st and it's FREE to enter! From there, just like during March Madness, we will have a few different rounds where we will select the top pitches to advance to exclusive pitch roundtables with gatekeepers to decision-maker reps and more until we crown our winner who will then win 5 free Skype meetings with executives!



At the pinnacle of our Career Writer Program is our Top Tier Program. Top Tier is comprised of a small group of vetted writers that have completed Tiers 1-3 of our Career Writer Program and is where many of our success stories from.


We are excited to announce exclusive partnerships with Kersey Management, Lawrence Bender Productions, Octagon Entertainment, Mischief Productions, and Taylor Lane Productions where each month one of these managers will guarantee to sign one of our Top Tier writers and one of these producers will guarantee to option one of our Top Tier writers (either two different Top Tier writers or the same one)! 


Also based on the feedback from the execs working with our Top Tier writers in March, one writer will be selected to have a development meeting with screenwriter Mario Correa (LET HER SPEAK, DARK WATERS) and another Top Tier writer to have a development meeting with producer Stephanie Wilcox (WHIPLASH, SMALL CRIMES).


Check out a few videos from executives who have discovered projects and writers through our programs!


Nick Oleksiw - Producer, Mischief Entertainment



Andrew Kersey - Manager, Kersey Management



Daniela Gonzalez - Manager, Circle of Confusion


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