Weekend Box Office Top Ten - 10/7/18

Weekend Box Office Top Ten:

VENOM opened at #1 with a record-setting $80M (Million) as the biggest October debut ever. The global debut stands at a whopping $205.2M, far ahead of where tracking had the film heading into the weekend, as the film overshot both the most generous domestic expectations and international. With a budget kept at $100M plus marketing costs, this film will be profitable for Sony by the end of next weekend, with much more to be earned. Next for the studio in their Spider-franchise is SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE (which is previewed at the end of VENOM in a post-credits scene) this December. After this debut, expect to see more of Eddie Brock and his symbiote soon.

A STAR IS BORN opened at #2 with a debut of $42.6M since Wednesday early previews, a massively impressive number which far outperformed expectations. As a studio, WB's winning streak has continued all the way since THE MEG and CRAZY RICH ASIANS in August. Worldwide on STAR stands at an early $56.6M. Produced for just $40M plus marketing, this film is expected to be nicely profitable for the studio, as well as a major awards contender. Expect strong holds in the weeks ahead.

SMALLFOOT held at #3 with $14.9M, a domestic total of $42.7M, and an early $75.2M worldwide. With a budget around the $70M range plus marketing, this should ultimately be profitable for WB, though that will largely depend on how well international performs in a staggered rollout this fall and winter.

NIGHT SCHOOL slid to #4 with $12.2M, a domestic total of $46.7M, and an early $58.7M worldwide. Produced for just $29M plus marketing costs by Universal, this will definitely be profitable, continuing Kevin Hart's winning streak at the box office.

THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS is #5 with $7.2M, a domestic total now of $55M, and $79.3M worldwide. Produced for $42M plus marketing costs by Amblin and Universal, this will definitely become profitable, and continue to play with the family crowd through the month.

A SIMPLE FAVOR is #6 with $3.4M, a domestic total of $49M, and $76.4M worldwide. Produced for only $20M plus marketing, this has become a nice hit for Lionsgate during the fall season.

THE NUN is #7 with $2.6M, a domestic total of $113M, and a big global take of $346.6M. Produced for $22M plus marketing, this horror title has become wildly profitable for WB, with more films set in the CONJURING universe on the way, led by both a third ANNABELLE title, and recently-announced “main franchise” sequel THE CONJURING 3.

HELL FEST slipped to #8 with $2M, and a total of just $8.8M. Produced for $5.5M plus marketing, this CBS Films title will prove to be a moderate financial loss for all involved.

CRAZY RICH ASIANS is #9 with $2M, a domestic total now of $169M, and a big $225.9M worldwide. Produced for just $30M plus marketing, this new romantic comedy franchise for WB has been incredibly profitable, with the sequel in development, based on the trilogy of novels.

THE PREDATOR is #10 with just $900K, a domestic total of $49.9M, and $123.3M worldwide. Produced for $88M plus marketing, this is a sharp financial loss for Fox, which as a studio is struggling this fall and winter, having already pushed their end-of-the-year tentpole releases ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL and DARK PHOENIX out of November and December and into next year instead. 

Next weekend sees openings for FIRST MAN, GOOSEBUMPS 2, and BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE, as October 2018 looks to record profitability, and Blumhouse's HALLOWEEN looms just a couple weeks away, tracking for another impressive debut.
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