Weekend Box Office 11.28.2021

Box Office 11.28.2021 Movie Posters

ENCANTO made its debut at #1 for Disney with a five-day total of $40.3M (Million) domestically, and $69.6M worldwide, right in line with the studio's forecast. With strong audience and critical response, the expectation is that this film will play for weeks before it makes its way to Disney+ for Christmas. Albeit lower than past Disney Animation titles, this is still a strong result given the pandemic landscape, and a nice win, given that a significant part of Disney's model now accounts for their streaming service engagement and subscriptions. 

GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE held at #2 with a tremendous $35.2M to bring the domestic total to a stellar $87.7M after two weekends of play, and global to an early $115.7M. There is much more to be earned on what is quickly becoming a reboot success story for Sony. Produced for around $75M plus marketing, there is no doubt that this title is well on its way towards profitability, and will likely see a sequel. 

HOUSE OF GUCCI debuted at #3 with $21.8M domestically, and $34.7M worldwide. This is a solid start for an adult-skewing awards season drama, and relied entirely on its massive star power to bring in crowds which have typically avoided this sort of fare during the pandemic. Produced for $75M plus marketing, this one will require strong holds and an impressive international run to become profitable, but has so far hit its mark. 

ETERNALS is #4 with $11.4M, a domestic total of $150.6M, and a worldwide total of $368.4M. This is one of the worst results for a Marvel Studios title in the brand's history, and at a budget of $200M plus marketing, will assuredly lose money for Disney.

RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY opened at #5 with just $8.8M domestically and an early $13.9M worldwide for Sony. Produced for $25M plus a modest marketing budget, these franchise films rely heavily on international for their totals, and this reboot will be no different, making it too soon to declare the film a success or a failure, though its numbers were exactly where Sony saw it heading into the weekend. 

CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG is #6 with $6.9M, and a total of $42.8M, in addition to becoming the most-watched movie on Paramount+. It should be noted that box office prospects are being treated as secondary to the streaming service by the studio, and the metrics have been deemed successful enough that a sequel is already in development. 

NO TIME TO DIE is #7 with $2.5M, a domestic total of $158.1M, and an impressive $758.1M globally, with international accounting for $600M so far, or over 79% of the James Bond film's complete haul. Produced for $250M plus marketing, and additional accrued interest from its delays, this release has not only become the top studio film of the year so far across the world, but has also managed to defy the odds and reach profitability thanks to the strength of international markets and what has amounted to an impressive launch across digital platforms in the United States.

BELFAST is #9 with $1.3M and a total of $4.9M for Focus Features.

THE FRENCH DISPATCH is #10 with $853K, a domestic total of $14.4M, and $33.4M worldwide for Searchlight Pictures.

Next weekend will be ruled by Thanksgiving leftovers, before WEST SIDE STORY makes its debut for the December 10th weekend, while all eyes are on Sony's SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME, with tickets going on sale this Monday amid expectations that it will be the biggest launch of any title since 2019. is #8 with $2.1M, a terrific domestic haul of $209.5M, and nearly $470M worldwide, on its way to surpassing the $500M threshold. Produced for $110M plus marketing, this has been a smash for Sony, giving them another Spider-Man related hit as the symbiote spin-off franchise remains popular both in the United States and abroad. While not officially announced yet, a third film is guaranteed

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