Weekend Box Office 1.10.2022

Weekend Box Office Poster of Top Three Movies
  1. SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME once again climbed to the top spot with another $33M (Million) declining just -41% from last weekend. The domestic total now stands at $668.7M, and global is at a gigantic $1.536 Billion. More records were set, but by next weekend the film will rise even higher on the all-time list, with the only question being where Spidey ultimately ends up. Produced for $200M plus marketing, this has been wildly profitable for Sony and Disney, which contributed 25% of the budget and receives a quarter of the grosses. The lucrative partnership between Sony and Marvel Studios will continue, though details on the next appearance for Spider-Man in the MCU have yet to be announced. 
  2. SING 2 also held onto second again, with $11.9M, to bring the total to $109M domestically and $190.8M worldwide. This is the first animated film since FROZEN 2 to cross the $100M threshold in the United States, in what has been a major win for Universal and encouraging sign for the overall box office recovery. Produced for $75M plus marketing, this is headed towards profitability, and is additionally available on PVOD (Premium Video On Demand). 
  3. THE 355 opened to a disastrous $4.8M debut in third place for Universal. Produced for around $75M plus marketing, this one is destined to be a sharp financial loss for all involved, despite a solid B+ score from audiences, though the film also holds a 27% Rotten, which likely further contributed to the low numbers.
  4. THE KING'S MAN is fourth place with $3.2M, a domestic total of $25M, and $74.2M worldwide. Produced for $100M plus marketing, this will be another loss for 20th Century Studios, which has struggled beyond the success of FREE GUY. 
  5. AMERICAN UNDERDOG is fifth, bringing in another $2.4M, for a total now of $18.7M. Produced for around $10M plus a moderate marketing campaign, this will ultimately prove a sleeper success for Lionsgate, fueled by the faith-based audience and what is expected to be solid results on PVOD. 
  6. THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS is sixth place with $1.8M, a domestic total of only $34.3M, and $124M worldwide. This is yet another significant financial loss for WB, capping what was a rough 2021 for the studio, which hopes to reverse its fortunes with the theatrically-exclusive release of THE BATMAN, due out in March. 
  7. WEST SIDE STORY landed in seventh with $1.4M, a domestic total of $32M, and only $53M worldwide. Produced for $100M plus marketing, this is a sharp financial loss for 20th Century Studios and Disney, though Spielberg's musical is anticipated to enjoy a lengthy run of award nominations. 
  8. GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE held on at eighth place with $1.1M, a domestic total of $125M, and $191M worldwide. Produced for $75M plus marketing, this Sony legacy reboot has reached break-even range for the studio, and is additionally now available on PVOD. It will prove profitable across all revenue streams, and a sequel is anticipated. 
  9. LICORICE PIZZA is ninth place with $1M and a total of $8.1M, ahead of what will be a long awards run, where the film is expected to garner a plethora of nominations. 
  10. HOUSE OF GUCCI rose back to tenth place with $632K, a domestic total of $50M, and $127M worldwide. While far short of profitability at a budget of $75M plus marketing, this has still proven resilient and will be only a moderate financial loss. 

Next weekend will finally see a challenge for number one, when Paramount's SCREAM reboot makes its debut, hoping to score big with horror fans. 

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