Top 50 Features - 2022 JumpStart Writing Competition

Top 50 Announcement

Top 50 Features - 2022 JumpStart Writing Competition

Roadmap Writers is thrilled to announce the Top 50 Features from our 2022 JumpStart Writing Competition.

JumpStart leverages the reach and resources of Roadmap Writers to advocate for these exciting emerging voices. This year's judging panel includes execs and reps from companies such as Anonymous Content, Wonder Street, Stage 13, Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment, and more.

And now we’re pleased to announce the...

Script Writer(s)
3 Faces of Hunger and Thirst HF Crum
A Fire Inside Richard Martin
Behemoth Taylor Foreman-Niko
Better Than You Lisa Donner
Blind Spot Alix Lerner
Bossy, Domestic, and Skinny Jade Shine
Consumed Don Stroud
Denver Joe Swafford
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? Simon Olivier
Dope Fiends Jonathon Talbert
Dust on Dirt Adele Small
Gonzo Walker Hare
Grantland James Larroca
Holiday in Weho Rhys Schlichtholz-Garcia
House of David Melissa Alfredson
Madame Butterfly's Mad Jaunt Barry Leach
Major Hacker's War Steve Blame
Marilyn 13 Jocelyn Osier
Mendacity Paul Baiguerra
Mixteco Kid Miguel Orozco
Mz. Movies Lu Lenoxx
Natty Light Thomas Schrack
Only Ruins Remain DA Everett
Points North Liz Smith
Portland Michael Weinreb
Red Buoys Cameron Kerr
Rescue Dogs Luke Cartwright
Running To Stand Still David Draper
Saint Catherine's Boys John Ravitz
Short Time Anthony Zonfrelli
Side Bets Jack Stranger
Skull Creek Canyon Greg Baldwin
Slick Pocket Moxie Nick Gambino
Something About The Tide Julia Morizawa
Stuck Apart Gavin McGibbon
Syvertsen's Complex Marni Sullivan
Technicolor Noir Madison Sean Flannery
Ten Texas Outlaws Ian Martin
The Community Brenna Kelly
The Executioners Anthony Hyatt, Mark Rantal, and Ben Robb
The Knocking at the Marsh Gina DeAngelis
The Mrs. Mitchell Ward
The Night Watchman Thomas Gaunt
The Queen's Last Painter Lindsey Galloway
The Smallest Ways James Greenall
The Vairocana Jason Jacobson
Time Willing Renee Brown
Uprising Jeff Austin
Weekend at Bernie's III Craig Douglas Miller
Wild Datura Bernadett Belinda York

Congratulations again to these incredible storytellers! We can't wait to champion your voices in the coming months.

Check out the Top 50 Pilots here!

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