Success Story - Writer Tate Hanyok's script is making it's way to HULU

Tate Hanyok - script being made by HULU

We are thrilled to celebrate Roadmap Writer, Tate Hanyok whose original script SEX APPEAL, is in production for HULU and American High.

Tate's Roadmap journey began a few years ago where she started in the Career Writer Program. Throughout that time, she wowed execs with her pitch and pages and through our program met manager Kendrick Tan of Lit Entertainment Group who went on to sign her, followed by her signing with an agent at ICM.

But it didn't stop there. After reading her script, Roadmap CEO Joey Tuccio introduced her to producer Will Phelps of American High (Jeremy Garelick's production company).

"3 years ago, I was a girl with a script and no reps. I’ll be forever grateful to Joey who took SUCH good care of me and sent it to American High - where I’m now back in high school (on set) - and bringing this story to life!" - Tate Hanyok

Needless to say, they flipped for her script and came on board to shepherd the project, and are now in production!

"Huge thanks to Joey Tuccio, who sent us this script back in 2018 and promised we'd love it. He was right. After reading it and meeting the writer, Tate Hanyok, we knew this project was special, wound up tracking it over the next two years, and finally had the opportunity to bring it to life." - Will Phelps, American High

We love helping writers reach career milestones. We look forward to the continued success of our writing community!

Click here to read the official announcement from Variety.

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