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James Moorer Staff Blog

James Moorer, Bestselling Author and Screenwriter pays tribute to the Roadmap Writers team as he announces a pivotal career change. Also included is his interview with Flipping the Script.

It seems like yesterday: I boarded a one-way flight to Los Angeles and took the first step on this journey, this career, and the life I’ve come to love more than I ever imagined. Like so many others, I came here seeking my destiny as a Screenwriter and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the men and women I’d only known on the screen. Little did I know the places that lay ahead of me and the people and experiences that would shape who I am today.


Along the way, I found this organization. More accurately, one of my most cherished colleagues demanded that if I didn’t look into these people, her foot and my arse would meet. That woman was Nicola Pittam, and the organization – Roadmap Writers.


To my surprise, I was welcomed into Roadmap from the moment that I met Joey Tuccio, stunned by his response to my writing and his immediate desire to help me get signed. He told me that he would find me a manager and a year to the day, he did. But Roadmap was more than an educational platform, it was a place to connect not only with execs but with like-minded writers, many of whom are still close friends today. And as I learned from Dorian and Alex and all of my fellow writers who moved through the Career Writer Program, this was something very special I had found myself a part of. So, imagine my surprise one Saturday morning when I received a call from Joey asking me to become a part of the Roadmap Team.


That was in 2021 and so many things have changed since then. Roadmap has grown into a staple for writers looking to gain the knowledge to be successful in this industry. I’ve been fortunate to not only be a student but also serve as an educator and motivator helping writers find footing for their dreams. As Director of Outreach and Diversity Initiatives, I’ve seen hundreds of writers go from fledgling to flourished and fabulous creators. And I am proud to have played my part in their success.


But like everything, nothing stays the same forever, and like the many amazing folks who came before me like Nita Curtis, Brandon Combs, and my Pancake-Partner-In-Crime Aadip Desai, the time has come for me to move into the next chapter of my life. And though I am stepping away from the day-to-day duties at Roadmap, even though I’m no longer staff, I am still very much family.


So your Uncle James is changing hats, still an educator but now an executive working alongside the many execs I’ve come to know and respect. I am excited about the new opportunities both personally and professionally this move will bring to me as well as the chance to practice what I’ve been preaching about having a Seven-Figure-Mindset.


I still look forward to helping where and when I can because that’s how much writers and Roadmap mean to me. I am thankful, joyous, and highly optimistic about what lies ahead. And no matter what the future has in store for me, for those who should need me… 


My titles may change, but I am forever and always: Uncle James.


"Pages and Pancakes ‘til I die!!!"

                                        - James Moorer



In the below interview with  Flipping the Script, Author/Screenwriter James Moorer discusses inspiration, navigation, and having the right tools and mindset to succeed as a writer. 


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