Interview with signed author Joshua Taylor - 179th writer signed

Interview with Joshua Taylor

Tell us a little bit about your writing background? How did it all begin?
I actually started as a singer-songwriter, writing and performing in New York for over 10 years. A few years back, I took a solo trip to Europe and journaled my experience. I started dabbling in fiction, writing novels, short stories, and screenplays. I basically became obsessed.

You just signed with Trident Media Group. How did that come about?
My second novel, “Blackland County”, placed as a Top 5 finalist in Roadmap’s Write Start Manuscript competition. As a perk of placing as a finalist, we were able to pitch an agent of our choice, and I chose Mark Gottlieb of Trident Media.  

What are you most looking forward to about working with your rep?
I love Mark’s professionalism and expertise in the industry. He grew up surrounded in it, and is a true professional. The fact that Trident has an impressive book-to-film track record was also a big plus for me.

As an author and storyteller how do you infuse your voice into your work?
I think much of my voice comes from decades of writing song lyrics. Focusing on phrasing, and the rhythm of words. I’ve always been drawn to the cadence of lyrical phrasing and poetry, and I can’t help but feel those elements influencing my own voice as a writer of prose.

Who are your writing influences?
Big fan of Stephen King, but also Ray Bradbury, Cormac McCarthy, Dan Brown. I’m also heavily influenced by film and TV. LOST is one of my all-time favorite shows, as well as Game of Thrones, among too many others to count.

Having reached this new milestone for your career, what is one piece of advice you know now, that you would tell yourself when you first started out?
Milestones are great, but they’re also an illusion. There is no finish line. You will face a ton of rejection, but should relish in the little wins along the way. It’s not a marathon or a sprint, it’s not even a race. It’s something you will do for the rest of your life because you're compelled to, and because you love it. And that's really all that matters.

How did you first discover Roadmap?
I discovered Roadmap through Coverfly. Both are incredible places for emerging writers to put their work out there and take a chance on competitions, and develop themselves and their careers.

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