Interview with Roadmap Writers Success Story #364 - Ivy Johnson


Ivy Johnson signed with Lit Entertainment

We're sure you know by now: There is no secret formula for success in this industry. Every writer has their own story of how they broke in. That’s why we highlight all the different ways that writers  find success. Today, we have Ivy Johnson to tell you about her journey to becoming Roadmap’s 364th writer signed.

This interview was submitted November 28, 2023.

Firstly, tell us about yourself! Who are you as a writer & who did you end up signing with?

My name is Ivy Johnson. I'm a TV comedy writer who just sold her first feature! I signed with Raquelle David at Lit Entertainment.

How did you meet your now rep? What was that first interaction like and how did it lead to your professional relationship now?

I had just sold a script, and wanted to find a manager to help me convert that good news into some career momentum. Joey had read an early draft of the script, and he offered to introduce us. We had a Zoom meeting where she asked me lots of questions about how I work and what my goals are, and I asked her basically the same things. I really liked her, and it was immediately clear she's very good at what she does. I sent her a few samples, we had one more meeting, and the rest was history!

How did Roadmap Writers assist in getting you to this point? Do you think you could've made this step in your screenwriting career without Roadmap?

Definitely not! Joey was the one who connected us, and I don't think Raquelle would have read my work if I hadn't been referred by Joey. He's incredibly well-connected and incredibly generous with his time--definitely a good person to have in your corner!

What types of stories do you write? What's your "writer brand" and how do you think that helped you attract a good match for representation?

I like to make unfunny things funny. Because of this, I do a lot of genre comedy: horror comedy, sci-fi comedy, even historical comedy. I also like my scripts to have structure, and I love jokes! I think this gives my writing a bit of a throwback feel, even though my subject matter is often quite edgy. Also, I work hard! I'm ambitious and tenacious, and I think those qualities, in combination with the strength of my samples, were what got me represented.

Has your mindset about what you're writing changed now that you've added representation to your team? What's the biggest lesson you've learned or had to adapt to since you've been working with your rep?

Definitely. Raquelle thinks big, and she has a great sense of strategy and knowledge of what the industry is looking for. I really trust her advice. I think the biggest lesson I've learned from her is that this industry is a numbers game. You have to get so lucky if you're trying to sell one good idea, but if you've come up with ten good ideas, or a hundred good ideas, you've just increased your odds of success.

Thank you so much, Ivy for taking the time to chat with us and help other writers see how success stories can happen in this industry!

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