Interview with Roadmap Writers Success Story #363 - Adam Best

Interview with Roadmap Writers Success Story #363 - Adam Best

Adam Best signed with Writ Large

You know the drill! We’ve got a signed writer here to tell you about how they did it. Today let’s hear from Adam Best about his journey to becoming Roadmap’s 363rd writer signed!

This interview was submitted November 6, 2023. 

Firstly, tell us about yourself! Who are you as a writer & who did you end up signing with?

Adam Best. I'm a former startup founder and CEO (FanSided) turned screenwriter who has worn many hats during my career. I ended up signing with Nadya Panfilov at Writ Large.

How did you meet your now rep? What was that first interaction like and how did it lead to your professional relationship now?

I had put together a list of management companies and Writ Large was at the top of the list. When my writing group mates pushed me to get involved with Roadmap, I decided a mentorship with a manager was the way to go. It would potentially be a good connection and would give me more information about how close I was to "breaking in."

Nadya Panfilov at Writ Large seemed like a perfect fit for a neurodivergent writer who often writes genre films about misfits. After scouting out literally every mentorship, she felt like the top fit. We had a quick 15-minute phone call where we decided she would read my latest two scripts and set the schedule for our mentorship.

Nadya loved my latest screenplay, THE WOLF IN CHIEFS CLOTHING, and stated that she had been searching for something like it. She floated the script to some of her industry contacts to do a heat check and it took off. At that point, she asked if I would want her to formally manage me and we both agreed it would be a good fit. She was my manager 12 days after my first hour phone call with her. We hit it off and it all happened very naturally. That said, I had been writing like a demon for about 2 1/2 or 3 years and my latest script was sort of the culmination of that effort.

How did Roadmap Writers assist in getting you to this point? Do you think you could've made this step in your screenwriting career without Roadmap?

I believe in myself and that I would've eventually found a way, but Roadmap has DRAMATICALLY sped up my timeline. My latest script seems like a perfect fit for both me to write and this moment, it has some kismet behind it, but perhaps that would not be the case without getting the right intro at the right time. Roadmap opened that door for me. Who knows how long it would've taken if I stuck with contests, queries and begging for favors? I'm forever grateful to Roadmap for the opportunity they helped me find.

What types of stories do you write? What's your "writer brand" and how do you think that helped you attract a good match for representation?

I write stories about misfits, oddballs and others who are trying to navigate the central question of "do I matter?" My projects are often genre scripts with dark comedic elements and social undertones.

Has your mindset about what you're writing changed now that you've added representation to your team? What's the biggest lesson you've learned or had to adapt to since you've been working with your rep?

My mindset has changed so much. Nadya has quickly helped me diagnose what is working about my writing. She's guiding me to lean into my strengths while addressing my weaknesses. I really wasn't sure which parts of my portfolio resonated, or where to go next, but the picture is now becoming clearer by the day.

What do you hope your next steps are? What are your immediate goals now that you've landed representation?

My next steps are to sell a script and get hired to do studio work. Those are my immediate goals...My overarching goal is to keep refining my process and get better with every script. And also to create a brand that is one of a kind and can pass the Pepsi Challenge.

In 10 years, what do you want your screenwriting career to look like?

I want to be constantly working and collaborating with talented people. I want to be able to say that I told stories that made people think and helped them escape. I've loved the power of cinema since I was a child and simply want to contribute to it all.

Big thanks to Adam for sharing his story with us!

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