Interview with Roadmap Writers Success Story #362 - Noa Aimee & Pandora Tysdale

Interview with Roadmap Writers Success Story #362 Noa Aimee & Pandora Tysdale

Noa Aimee & Pandora Tysdale signed with Navigation Media Group

At Roadmap Writers, we celebrate every win–whether a writer’s been hired, sold a project, or been signed. Or a writing duo’s been signed. Last year, we got to catch up with the recently signed Noa Aimee (not pictured) and Pandora Tysdale. They signed with Navigation Media Group through our Top Tier Program, the final step in our Career Writer Program, through which most of our writers get signed.

This interview was submitted November 24, 2023.

Firstly, tell us about yourself! Who are you as a writer & who did you end up signing with?

Noa Aimée (they/them) and Pandora Tysdale (they/them) are a Toronto based writing team. They're both queer, disabled writers with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD) -- formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Thanks to their DID/OSDD, they always integrate new perspectives into collaborative solutions. Whether it’s Noa’s social protector stripping their way out of a rapture cult in Michigan, or Pandora’s white alter handling being stopped by four cops in two cruisers for picking their afro in the wrong neighbourhood. They're currently repped by Kegan Schell at Navigation Media Group.

How did you meet your now rep? What was that first interaction like and how did it lead to your professional relationship now?

We met Kegan during Roadmap's Career Writer Program during Manager Track. We like to make a point to tell writers that he actually didn't request our script, so not to let that convince you to count reps out if you really click! The feedback he gave us for that meeting was so lovely, and we really liked him, so we attended a Rewrite Clinic with him shortly thereafter within the next month or two of meeting him. When that went off incredibly well, we decided to book a 1:1 Month Mentorship with him to test how we'd collaborate on a new script. By the end of the month, he signed us!

How did (if at all) Roadmap Writers assist in getting you to this point? Do you think you could've made this step in your screenwriting career without Roadmap?

Roadmap is an incredible tool for any writer. Whether you're looking to hone your craft or simply need a leg-up in getting into room with execs and reps, they really are the best (and only, in our opinion) game in town. They supplied us with exposure, opportunity and training. We've made deep, impactful friendships with the writers we went into the program with and gained a mentor out of the experience, too. Roadmap really opened the doors for execs we wouldn't have been able to meet ourselves, and made sure we were well-equipped and ready to own those rooms once we were in them.

What types of stories do you write? What's your "writer brand" and how do you think that helped you attract a good match for representation?

We write what we like to call "the drama, the trauma and the humour that got us through it." Our stories are about the plurality inherent in human trauma through a genre lens (primarily queerifying erotic thriller and horror) with a focus on bringing Dissociative Identity Disorder (and OSDD) rep out of it's stigmatized, pop culture shadow and into a humanizing light. When it came to representation, we were really looking for someone who's collaborative with an eye for how to best help us tell our stories the way we want to and is willing to go beyond being an ally into being an advocate -- Kegan is exactly that. Things really just.. fit!

Has your mindset about what you're writing changed now that you've added representation to your team? What's the biggest lesson you've learned or had to adapt to since you've been working with your rep?

The biggest lesson Kegan has taught us, and one we are immensely grateful for, is how to set and hold boundaries in professional settings. The stories we tell are specific to an underrepresented and often misunderstood neurodivergent life experience. Kegan encourages us to take notes with an emphasis on ensuring we stay true to the authenticity of our voice while being open to notes that could offer new perspectives. He's coached us in the best ways to remove ourselves from spaces and meetings that aren't serving us while maintaining positive working relationships.

Thank you so much to Noa & Pandora for taking the time to chat with us and the kind words! We're big fans of yours! 

What's next for you? 

If you would like to work towards the next steps on your writing career, we have a number of offerings to serve you. Here are a few good places to get started...


It’s tried and true for a reason. This is where Noa & Pandora, along with many of our other signed writers got their start. Not only do you come away with pitching skills, pitching documents, time with and feedback from industry executives, but going through this program is the best preparation we can share to make sure you are doing everything you can. Most of our Success Stories come out of here – at the time of writing, we’ve helped 382 Roadmappers get signed!


If you’re wanting to get feedback on your pages and pitching from executives in small doses, check out our Open Pitch Sessions and Ten-Minute Reads. As our two Access Programs offerings, these are available to all Roadmappers. Great for writers who want to get their toes wet but aren’t ready to commit to the full Career Writer Program yet, or staying cost-effective if you see an executive or company that strikes your fancy!


Consultations are an excellent way to get notes with an executive in a personalized manner to bring your script to the next level. This is a great way to elevate your work with someone with their finger on the pulse of the industry and practice receiving and discussing notes. If there’s an executive or company you are particularly excited about, this can be a great way to have a deeper discussion about your script.


Be sure to check our website often and sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of any page of the site, as we are always bringing new executives and offerings to you. 

Still not sure where to start? Be sure to book a free strategy call with our own Uncle James Moorer–but book ASAP because his spots are booked several weeks out right now! 

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