Interview with Greg Sorin - Roadmap's 191st Writer Signed

Interview with Greg Sorin

Tell us a little bit about your writing background. How did it all begin?
I think it mainly came from my family. They're huge readers and viewers, with a wide variety of interests. I came to appreciate science fiction, mystery, history, and attention to detail because of them. I've always written, but I think that helped to improve my work. Plus, I've always loved how science fiction and fantasy stories can say so much about the real world.

You recently signed with Good Fear. How did that come about?
I signed up for Roadmap's Supporting Support Staff Initiative thanks to a coworker/friend of mine who urged me to apply. Another friend had already mentioned the value of Roadmap Writers programs. Through the initiative, and plenty of support from Joey Tuccio, my new manager read my script and asked to meet with me. Not only do we get along well, but our instincts about my work overlap and it's reassuring to have that trustworthy voice of experience and excitement weigh in on my writing.

What are you most looking forward to about working with your rep?
I'm mostly looking forward to having a sounding board for my ongoing and future work, someone who is helping me craft a game plan for next steps, who can help send my work out into the world. I'm confident he'll challenge me, but champion me.

As a storyteller how do you infuse your voice into your work?
It's mainly about having a concept and characters I know I'd love to watch, somewhere I can play around and have fun without it feeling like a chore. Then I weave elements of real-life issues I care about into the story. And that also helps the characters to feel more real and more specific to my tastes.

Who are your writing influences?
That's a tough question! I'll always feel like I've left someone out. But I know I'm impressed and inspired by Jordan Peele, Damon Lindelof, Alex Garland. People who take the genres I love to new, fun, and sometimes challenging places. Plus, I can't ignore authors like Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and Douglas Adams who built detailed and comforting worlds (some serious, some comical).

Having reached this new milestone for your career, what is one piece of advice you know now, that you would tell yourself when you first started out?
First off, stay open, honest, and kind. Everyone pushes for more and more networking, building a massive net of contacts. But that leads you down the wrong path if you aren't yourself. And second, don't worry about taking some occasional time off. Sometimes you need it. You'll jump back into the work soon enough.

How did you first discover Roadmap?
Word of mouth. I heard about Roadmap through a friend in a writers group, and then again through a coworker.

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