Interview with Creative Executive Zac Allard

Zac Allard Interview

What drew you to the entertainment industry?
Since I was in High School, I knew I wanted to work in film and television. Storytelling has been at the center of our culture for centuries and entertainment is where the most exciting media is being created right now. Having been here for a few years what's kept me here are the people. The smartest most dynamic thinkers in the world are working hard every day to tell new stories in new ways. That's what keeps me here.

What's your favorite part about working with writers?
When you work with a writer up close, you begin to understand their vision. So many upcoming writers have a hazy idea of what they're going for. But if you spend the time and get to invest in a writer, sometimes you can see that vision come into focus, you can see the writer they'll become and you get to watch them grow and flourish as creatives. There's nothing more gratifying than seeing any creative blossom.

What gets you most excited about a writer's pitch?
Surprise. I've probably read seven to ten thousand scripts in some capacity on top of the countless articles, books, movies, and television shows. The biggest drag in my job is the boredom—because so often it's a story I've heard before or I can instantly tell where it's going. Comes with the territory. When a writer surprises me—that is priceless. I'm with them for the rest of the pitch—and always wanna check out more.

What's one bit of advice that helps you the most in this industry?
You have to do it yourself. I'm hardly the first person to say this but there's still a persistent misnomer that reps will 'get you work.“ That's certainly true to a point but it's very difficult for any manager or agent to solely break you on their own. For most people, the project that gets them going and gets them work is something they figure out on their own—whether it be a short in a festival or a feature they jimmied together on their own. It's a thankless business but as much as possible you have to make your own luck—especially at the beginning.

What's your favorite non-industry-related hobby or activity?
I love getting out into nature with any of the various dogs in my life! I also love exploring the city of Los Angeles in general and can not wait to get back out there more when the pandemic's over!

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