Craft Corner - #3 Rep-Writer Relationship

Roadmap Craft Corner

How to Have the Most Beneficial Rep/Writer Relationship
by Lena Murisier
Roadmap Signing #131
Untitled Entertainment.

Yes, you did it! You finally signed with this great manager you’ve been dreaming about since you wrote your first screenplay back in your dorm in college. Now, you can sit back and enjoy writing without a care in the world. No more awkward query emails, no more heartbreaking contests, no more uncomfortable networking events. You can hibernate in your tavern and write write write while also binge-watching the last season of YOU.
Well… not exactly.

I like to believe that the real work starts once you get signed. You now have this person who took a bet on you. This manager who sees something in you, something they believe talks to the current market. That is huge. But like every successful relationship, the one between a manager and a writer takes work on both sides. 

Yes, they will read your work and advice you on your next steps, most definitely getting you reads and meetings you wouldn’t get on your own. But they also match your energy. If you bring ideas and strategies to the table, they can build on that. The best way to have a successful relationship with your manager is to treat them equally, be respectful of their time and make it easier for them to help your career flourish. That means, seeking opportunities, reading the news about what’s happening in the industry, networking. Basically, pointing at the door you believe is the right one for you, and if they agree, they will knock at that door for you. But ultimately, you will be the one walking in the room. 

Managers are your cheerleaders, your supporters, and they’re always in your corner, but you have to continue looking for work and finding those opportunities. It’s kind of like dating, right? The more independent you seem to be, the more attractive you become. The more work you put into furthering your career, the more attractive you become to a manager. Showing that you are proactive is how you have a successful long-lasting relationship with your beloved manager.

Lena Murisier
Roadmap Signing #131 at Untitled Entertainment

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