2018 JumpStart Writing Competition - Winners Announced!


We are incredibly excited to announce the winners and runners-up of our inaugural JumpStart Writing Competition!

We were overwhelmed by the number of great stories and unique voices that entered this year's competition. After narrowing down the entries to our 10 finalists in both our feature and TV categories, we turned to our esteemed judging panel from companies that included Circle of Confusion, The Walt Disney Studios, Covert Media, Bellevue Productions, Lee Stobby Entertainment and more to help select our winners.

We would also like to thank literary management company Fictional Entity for being a part of this year's competition as our Guaranteed Signing Prize partner.

So please join us as we congratulate our 2018 JumpStart Competition Winners and Runners-up!


- by Alan Baxter

Logline: Set on Arizona’s Lake Powell, a blue-collar dockworker turns to heisting luxury houseboats in order to pay for his sick daughter’s medical bills.

MIRACLES INC. - by Rebecca Graham Forde

Logline: A famous magician and his business partner travel the world investigating miracles while running a famous magic act in Vegas.

Feature Winner
 - by Max Rissman

Logline: In the wake of a school shooting, the president of a gun lobby and his young granddaughter are haunted by the ghosts of the victims.

 - by Guy McDouall

Logline: A timid hospital janitor becomes a conflicted vigilante after she discovers a magic artifact that allows her to cure terminally ill children by making human sacrifices.

THE PIONEER - by Ziyad Saadi

Logline: A freethinking Muslim girl is forced to transfer to an extremely conservative Muslim high school, only to end up shaking the establishment completely out of order.



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