Written Pitch with Jamilah Alston (Holiday Edition!)

Submit your 1-2 page written pitch and Jamilah will read and send you her report the first week of January!

About Jamilah:

Jamilah Alston graduated from Brooklyn College with a bachelor’s degree in Film Producing before making her way out west to obtain her masters at UCLA in Screenwriting. She fell in love with the executive side of the film business and discovered the role she wished to have in her career. Already a freelance story editor for years, providing story and structure notes and workshopping scripts with writers, she found herself training as an executive at Tristar Pictures (Sony Pictures Entertainment) following graduation, a mentee of two of her biggest role models in the business, the President and EVP of Creative. It is here that she’s had her most exceptional and grueling training, sourcing numerous books, articles for original IP, reviewing script submissions, providing notes, and vetting up and coming writers and directors, all with the focus on diverse and all-encompassing stories and storytellers that will help shape the film industry and lead us into a more inclusive and promising future.