Writing Strong Characters to Appeal to A-List Talent

Topher Rhys-Lawrence
Director of Development
Atlas Entertainment

Many of you often ask how to get talent attached to your project without having the budget to offer them anything. Topher Rhys-Lawrence (Director of Development, Atlas Entertainment) is here to teach you the secret to attracting those A-Listers.... great characters that jump off the page!

Topher will host a Webinar covering all his tips and tricks on writing great characters that capture the attention of coveted talent. With a focus on what makes a character compelling and what A-list talent is hungry for, Topher will help you carve out a clear route to help you craft characters that have a better chance of getting noticed!

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:
  • What types of characters up and coming writers should be writing
  • How to go about developing strong, complex characters
  • Characters and/or projects that appeal to A-list actors 
  • Tips on how to get to bankable actors
  • Recent examples of well-done characters that snagged coveted talent and how that was achieved
About Your Host

Topher Rhys-Lawrence is a Director of Development at Atlas Entertainment, one of the entertainment industry’s premier film and television production companies. In this position, he is involved in the packaging, production, and development of a very active slate of projects for both Atlas Entertainment and Atlas Television.

What To Expect

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