Writing Limited Series with VP of Development

Is your pilot a traditional TV series or a limited series? What exactly IS the difference and how do you know what to pitch yours as? Kevin Niklaus (ROOTS) is here to host an extensive webinar that demystifies what a limited series is and what makes a good one. Kevin will not only guide you through the different types of limited series that exist but will provide a deeper understanding of the structure of each. He will take a look at the legalities that sometimes come tied with stories that are based in fact and will discuss how much fiction is allowed.

Kevin will also discuss the in’s and out’s on how to effectively structure a limited series pitch depending on what type it is and where it is going (network vs. streaming). This is truly a not to be missed webinar for anyone that’s ever thought of doing a limited series!

This 90-Min. Webinar will Cover:

  • Learn the pros and cons of a limited series set up
  • Learn whether a limited series is the right structure for your story
  • How to deal with the ‘based on a true story’ aspect 
  • Discover the best types of stories that make for limited series and how to research them
  • Gain an understanding of the vast difference between limited series and other series
  • Learn how to properly pitch your limited series!

About Your Host:

During his long career at The Wolper Org., a production company based at Warner Bros., Kevin Nicklaus participated in notable projects such as the Emmy-nominated ROOTS (2016), BATES MOTEL, PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT and earlier mini-series such as SALEM'S LOT (TNT), MISTS OF AVALON (TNT) and HELTER SKELTER (CBS).

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