What I Wish I Knew: Making Your First Short Film

Chances are if you’ve been writing and pitching and networking long enough, you’ve heard plenty of “no’s” and you’ve started to wonder whether or not you should make your own content. Whether you’re making a Proof of Concept to help get your work out there or you want to enter your short into the festivals (or both!), there’s a lot that goes into transitioning from writer to writer-director.

If you’re nervous, don’t worry, we hear you. That’s why we have Arman Cole here to give you a crash course on what to expect on your first short!

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover:
  • Timeline for making a short 
  • Finding a producer and budgeting 
  • Pre-production and planning 
  • Being the Director on set 
About Your Host:

Arman Cole is a freelance director, writer, and producer. His USC MFA thesis film SMALL ARMS, starring Tyler Young of USA Network's Eyewitness, premiered at the Creative Artists Agency Moebius showcase, played at LA International Shorts Fest, and was recently released online on Short of the Week as well as at Omeleto, where it has over 50,000 views. He co-produced the Warner Bros. financed proof-of-concept short film RISE which is now being developed there as a feature by Roy Lee. In addition to producing and directing web content, shorts, and music videos, he is currently developing an independent feature drama about undocumented Pakistani immigrants set in his home state of Michigan.

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