What It’s Really About: Identifying Your Story’s Theme

Seth Renshaw
Director of Development
Benaroya Pictures

Let’s take a moment to talk about theme, shall we? We’ve all heard it, and we’ve all taken a stab at putting our script’s theme into words so we can explain the theme to someone else. After all, at the end of the day, the theme is what our story is really about. It’s what people are going to really connect with, and it’s vital that you clearly communicate this while also making sure that the theme matches the events in your story.

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover:

  • What is theme?
  • Why identifying your theme is essential to your story
  • “Universal Theme”
  • Tying theme into the plot and characters
  • Live Q&A!
About Your Host

Seth Renshaw is the Director of Development at Benaroya Pictures (SALT AND FIRE, KILL YOUR DARLINGS, THE WORDS).

At Benaroya, Seth Executive produced AGAINST THE CLOCK with Andy Garcia and Dianna Argon, BIG SKY with Bella Thorne and Kyra Sedgwick and CYMBELINE with Ethan Hawke, Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich, Dakota Johnson and John Leguizamo.

Benaroya Pictures was founded in 2006 by CEO Michael Benaroya to develop, finance, and produce major motion pictures across a variety of genres and platforms.

Along with an active in-house development wing, Benaroya Pictures also packages and invests in outside projects, allowing the company to work with the A-list talent of today while also grooming the up-and-coming filmmakers of tomorrow. With the ability to develop and finance feature films, Benaroya Pictures views each project as an intellectual property that can be adapted for various formats beyond the silver screen.

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