Virtual Panel: Writing Strong Female Characters #1

Hosted by Tarini Anand (Artificial Intelligence)
Jillian Wiseman (Tomorrow Studios)
and Maggie Lane (Independent Producer, formerly of Skybound Entertainment)

How important is it that your female characters are realistic, dynamic, and human? Critical.

How do we break from a history of misogyny and stilted, one-dimensional portrayals of women? We think about the portrayal of women. We talk about the portrayal of women. And we use what we discover to ensure that out own female characters stay out of that one-dimensional stereotype.

This 90-Min. Panel Will Cover:

  • The definition of "strong female characters" 
  • Character Introductions 
  • Female Antagonists 
  • Motivations & Ambitions 
  • Realistic Women vs. 'Media Realistic' Women 
  • Creating Diverse Female Character Traits

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