[Perspectives Series] Virtual Panel: Gatekeepers Edition

Weston Taylor (Production Assistant, Mike Mathis Production), Monica Shapiro (Executive Assistant, Secret Hideout) & Meredith Edmonds (Executive Assistant, Good Fear)

Ever wonder what happens when you submit a script to a production company, manager or network? If your script gets read, well, chances are the first people to read your script aren’t VP’s or senior executives. To get to them, you have to go through the gatekeepers first. 

But who are these gatekeepers? How do the gatekeepers evaluate what material they recommend to their boss? And can you establish a relationship with them without coming across as crazy or stalker-ish? 

Well, don’t sweat it! Because Roadmap has assembled a panel of gatekeepers to answer all these questions! 

In this 90 minute Webinar, the panelists will discuss: 
  • Who gets hired as assistants and coordinators 
  • What exactly their job entails 
  • Forming and maintaining relationships with writers 
  • How they evaluate writers and material to pass on up the ladder
  • How and where they find scripts to read 
About Your Host

Weston Talyor Weston grew up in small town in Maine, isolated from the entertainment industry. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Syracuse University, with a BFA in Film and a minor in Business Management. While in school, Weston attended a semester in Los Angeles and interned at Lionsgate - Good Universe, where he acted as assistant to the Director of Development. He conducted script coverage for submitted scripts and attended weekly development meetings with the company’s executives. After college, he landed a job as a Production Assistant/Researcher at a production company called Mike Mathis Productions, where he entered the world of fiction and non-fiction television. After four months, Weston was promoted to Story Assistant and three months after that he was promoted to Associate Producer. He has been Associate Producer on three network TV shows, almost 13 hours of television, with responsibilities including supervising on-set production and directing the second unit. Weston continues his AP work while also operating as the Development Assistant to Mike Mathis - the President and CEO of the company.

Monica Shapiro received her BA in film from Ithaca College and relocated to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue a career in storytelling. Her experience so far spans VFX, film and television market research, and TV development/production at various companies and studios. Monica has traveled internationally for productions and worked closely with EPs on shows that aired on CBS All Access, Nat Geo, Fox, Discovery ID and CMT. Monica currently works for writer/producer/director Alex Kurtzman at Secret Hideout, where their marquee series comprise the Star Trek Universe, among several other projects, under an overall deal with CBS Television Studios.

Meredith Edmonds is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is currently the direct Executive Assistant to the heads of production at Good Fear Content formerly known as Benderspink. Meredith has participated in multiple pitch/consultation programs including AFI Pitch Fest. Good Fear best know for producing the HANGOVER franchise, THE RING Franchise, A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, WE'RE THE MILLERS, and many more. Good Fear represents writers/directors such as David Robert Mitchell, who wrote/directed IT FOLLOWS and the upcoming UNDER THE SILVER LAKE, and Allison Schroeder, who penned HIDDEN FIGURES. They are currently producing the live action remake of MULAN with Disney.

What To Expect

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