Virtual Panel: Perspectives on the Industry - Gatekeepers Edition

Jalessa Jones (Assistant, Columbia Pictures)
Caroline Gill (Development Assistant, Ian Bryce Productions)

Ever wonder what happens when you submit a script to a production company, manager or network? If your script gets read, well, chances are the first people to read your script aren’t VP’s or senior executives. To get to them, you have to go through the gatekeepers first. 

But who are these gatekeepers? How do the gatekeepers evaluate what material they recommend to their boss? And can you establish a relationship with them without coming across as crazy or stalker-ish? 

Well, don’t sweat it! Because Roadmap has assembled a panel of four gatekeepers to answer all these questions! 

In this 90 minute Webinar, the panelists will discuss: 
  • Who gets hired as assistants and coordinators 
  • What exactly their job entails 
  • Forming and maintaining relationships with writers 
  • How they evaluate writers and material to pass on up the ladder
  • How and where they find scripts to read 
About Your Host

Jalessa Jones graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a degree in TV Writing and Producing, a dream of one day running a studio, and an impressive amount of student loan debt. Her first job was that of a freelance reader, digesting so many scripts, and writing so much coverage for an independent producer, that she barely left the little room she rented. She then went on to assist two of the hardest working literary managers in the business at Circle of Confusion. As fate would have it, that independent producer she so diligently wrote coverage for, was asked to join Columbia Pictures (Sony Pictures Entertainment) as the VP of Production. He wanted her to come with him and help him set up shop; cultivating, and developing the same quality projects, with the same focus on diverse, inclusive perspectives, but on a much grander scale.

Caroline Gill is currently a development assistant at Ian Bryce Productions (TRANSFORMERS, WORLD WAR Z), which has a first look deal with Netflix. She spends a lot of time reading and discussing material for the company's consideration. Previously, Caroline worked at APA for 2 years, first as an assistant in the TV Literary department, then as the Story Editor for Feature Literary. Caroline believes the best material is rooted in strong characters. The characters should come first, the plot second. Caroline loves stories that feel authentic and grounded. She wants to feel that the writer really loves and cares about their story.

What To Expect

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