Virtual Panel: Deciphering Notes from Industry Executives

Industry notes are the holy grail of feedback that can transform your script. But that transformation can go either way if you don't understand how to navigate the notes you get from a professional. Sometimes the notes seem convoluted, strange, or just not what you intended while other times they seem like the key to unlocking the story. How do you navigate the notes you get from a professional? By keeping one important factor in mind - they know what they're doing but they still aren't the writer - you!

This 90-min. Panel Will Cover:
  • Understanding the difference between the notes you get from a reader, an agent/manager, and a production company
  • How to gauge whether notes are right for what you want to accomplish
  • How to assess a note, when to disregard it
  • Deciphering the note behind the note
  • 'Sitting' on notes before you write
  • The importance of the 'consistent note'
  • Understanding that different tastes and film history inspire different notes
About Your Host

Kate Sharp is an Emmy-nominated producer whose film credits include: PEEP WORLD, BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY, MADAME BOVARY, and THE HALLOW, which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and was released by IFC. Previously, Ms. Sharp was the VP of Development and Production at Occupant Entertainment and was an Executive Producer on the Hulu original TV series, BEHIND THE MASK.

Gavin Dorman in an independent manager/producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Previously, he worked for several years as a development executive at Vertigo Entertainment, where he helped craft a multitude of film projects, including: THE LEGO MOVIE (the 2014 blockbuster based on the toy line), POLTERGEIST (a remake of the horror classic), RUN ALL NIGHT (the Liam Neeson mob-thriller), THE STAND (based on Stephen King’s esteemed novel), DEUS EX (based on the popular video game franchise).

Jeremiah Smith works as a script reader and analyst for Mar Vista Entertainment who produces content for Lifetime, Hallmark, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Amazon Prime, and independent film markets. He’s written for animation, live-action comedy, and recently was hired to rewrite an indie thriller going into production in June. When not geeking out on books, comics, video games, television, movies, and whatever else catches his fancy, he can be found torturing his family and friends with some semi-terrible-ish jokes.

What To Expect

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