TOP TIER (November and December)

Writers must complete our Pitch Prep Program, Intensive, Water Bottle Tour and Manager Track Program before being considered for Top Tier.

Each writer has eight 20 minute pitch sessions with different managers and executives over the course of 2 months in an online roundtable setting limited to only 6 Top Tier writers per session.

Execs will read 1-page bios and the first 15 pages of the scripts from each of the Top Tier writers and then each writer is able to pitch, get feedback, ask questions and build relationships with these execs. These sessions are only available for writers in Top Tier and are not accessible to the public. 

Each Top Tier writer will also have 2 Virtual MeetUps exclusive for Top Tier writers.

Any Top Tier writer who doesn't get a request in a 30 day period, will also get 1 free Next Steps Clinic with a literary manager for extra pitch help and extra marketing strategy help.

Each writer also gets 2 marketing sessions with the CEO of Roadmap Writers, Joey Tuccio. Writers will privately learn how to research target homes for their projects and even how to make contact with specific executives from appropriate companies.

Top Tier writers will also have weekly accountability MeetUps with the Director of Education to help them follow through with their goals.