Tools for Effective Scene Pacing

Dash Aiken
Creative Executive
Romark Entertainment

A story can be amazing but a poorly written scene can suck all the glory out of your writing. There are key things you can do to improve the pacing of your scene as well as add tension that will make it a page-turner! Dash Aiken (Creative Executive, Romark Entertainment) is here to help you with writing better scene direction.

Dash will take a scene from a script that one of you has written (don't worry - the person volunteered well in advance so we won't pick on you!) and will break down how to improve it from getting rid of superfluous words to how to write shorter, impactful, and concise text.

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:
  • What a potent visual approach is and how to do it
  • Ways of writing efficient, impactful scene direction
  • How to get rid of weak words (and what they are) that are unnecessary. 
  • The importance of white space
  • Tips and tricks on how to keep the reader's eye moving along the page
About Your Host

Dash Aiken is the Creative Executive at Romark Entertainment. Romark Entertainment is a full-service entertainment production company, specializing in the ability to create, adapt, develop, produce, and distribute, a wide variety of high-level intellectual property (“IP”) for film, television, video game, comic book, novel, social media, and gaming applications. Romark is a one-stop shop to create and develop new IP from point of conception to delivery, across the entertainment and transmedia marketplace.

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