The Process of a TV Show Coming to Life w/ TV Exec

Roadmap has hosted Webinars covering the structure of a TV episode, how a TV episode is broken out, the writer’s rooms, and others, but how does a TV show go from a great idea in your head all the way to premiering the pilot on TV for audiences everywhere?

Maia Glikman (currently at Shay Mitchell's production company and formerly the Coordinator at Sony Pictures Television) is here to pull back the curtain on this often misunderstood process.

Maia will lead writers step by step through the process: coming up with an idea, writing it, involvement of representation, finding producers, finding a showrunner, finding a network, casting, all the way to what happens once it’s filmed. (Hint: that doesn’t guarantee a pick up!)

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:

  • What name value means
  • All the moving parts needed to get a TV show off the ground
  • A better understanding of the process from start to finish
  • Why you most likely won’t be the showrunner of your TV series
About Your Host:

Maia Glikman went to NYU majoring in Film/TV, minor in producing and always knew she wanted to work in Television. She has made it a point to know the ins and outs of TV by working at every avenue from a network, studio, production company to directly on some of the most successful shows ever on TV. Her experiences have covered a wide range of areas from development/current programming to production and she has vast knowledge on seeing a show go from a simple pitch to a ratings success on the air. She has gained experiences across the board honing in on the best out there in terms of writers/directors/producers/talent and is always on the hunt for the next great creative source.

Maia’s goal is to make amazing TV that resonates with audiences. It's the golden age of TV and she wants to really get that across with everything she takes part in.

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