The Path To The Writers' Room

Aadip Desai
Administrator, LA TV Writers Facebook Group
Co-Host, On The Page with Pilar Alessandra

So, let’s say you’ve been working at this screenwriting thing for a while now. You’ve taken some classes, you have some solid samples, and you feel like you’re ready to go after a spot in a TV writers room. There’s just one problem: you don’t know how to get into a TV writers room. What steps do you need to take? Should you spec a show you’d like to write on, or should you focus your efforts on original pilots? Should you have an agent, manager, or lawyer? 

Don’t worry! Aadip Desai is here to answer all this and more! 

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover:

  • Possible routes to the writers' room
  • Types of samples one should have
  • Branding / Pitching Yourself
  • Staffing vs Development
  • Writer’s Assistant, Writer’s PA, and Script Coordinator positions
  • Contests and Fellowships
  • Generals and Showrunner Meetings
  • How to survive being in the room
  • Live Q&A! 
About Your Host

Aadip Desai is a Los-Angeles based TV and feature writer. He’s an admin for the 12K+ member LA TV Writers Facebook group, a producer/co-host of the On The Page podcast with Pilar Alessandra, and a freelance story analyst. He recently worked as the Manager of Education for RRKidz, Inc, The Home of READING RAINBOW. Aadip has placed in a few feature and TV writing competitions, including Austin, PAGE, Scriptapalooza TV, BlueCat, and more. In addition to his spec writing, Aadip is writing an indie sci-fi thriller feature for hire and has a development deal with Kinetic Content for a non-scripted television project. He’s worked as a writer’s assistant to Romany Malco (WEEDS, THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN), Judy Carter (Author of the “Comedy Bible”), and Eric Stolhanske (Broken Lizard). He’s also been President of the Northwest Screenwriters Guild in Seattle, has moderated panels at the Austin Film Festival, and was a Development Intern at Trancas International Films (the HALLOWEEN franchise).

What To Expect

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If you have any questions or any trouble accessing the recording, email our Director of Education Alexandra Davies at!

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