FREE Webinar: Introducing: Spec Scout!

Writers are often looking for more ways to improve their writing and make connections. Roadmap is thrilled to have Greg Gertmenian host a FREE webinar all about his company SPEC SCOUT. Greg will go over who he is, what his company does and how it can benefit you. He will also cover his roster of industry connections and how he interacts with everyone from writers to producers to reps to investors all in the pursuit of finding good homes for good content. There will be a live demo of Spec Scout's website so you can see firsthand how it is used!

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:
  -What Spec Scout is
  -How this website is useful for you
  -A live demo!
  -Adventures in development

About Your Host: Greg Gertmenian is the Co-Founder of the script-scoring website, Spec Scout and VP of the Story Department for the film finance platform, Slated. At Spec Scout, Greg's focus is on discovering high-quality spec scripts for agents, managers, and executives, as well as scoring and tracking daily spec market activity. At Slated, Greg oversees the evaluation of packaged projects for consideration by investors and financiers. As a former manager and producer, Greg has helped set up dozens of features, including SECOND BORN (2016), a sci-fi action film with David Lancaster attached to produce and Chan-Wook Park (OLD BOY, THE HANDMAIDEN) directing. He has also produced a number of award-winning shorts and web series. THE HAIRCUT, a short drama about the first class of female cadets was an official selection at AFI Fest 2014 as well as 44 other film festivals. Greg's Street Fighter mockumentary, BALROG: BEHIND THE GLORY, screened at Evo - the world's largest fighting game competition in Las Vegas - to rave reviews from Jostiq, IGN, Gamespot, Capcom, and The Escapist.

About Spec Scout: 

Our mission is to be the best place to discover and promote the highest-quality screenplays, both on and off the market.

That's pretty bold, we know, but we've come up with an innovative way to get there. We've built a first-of-its-kind coverage library, developed a screenplay scoring system called the Spec Scout Score, and we've rolled everything up into a website designed to meet the needs of entertainment industry pros. We aim to promote the best material, whether it's already circulating Hollywood or has been submitted by aspiring screenwriters.

The result is a new level of transparency for the spec market, a level playing field for screenwriters, and a brand new way for aspiring writers to break into the business.

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