Everyone Loves a Villain - Creating Compelling Antagonists

Ever go to see a movie - action, drama, sci-fi, it doesn’t matter--and left the theater thinking “Wow, the villain just made that movie”? From Darth Vader to Voldemort, the Joker to Hannibal Lecter, Cersei Lannister to the Wicked Witch of the West, everyone loves to watch our heroes square off against these villains. And why not? They range from grand and bombastic to subtle and scheming, and they’re all so much fun to watch. 

While it’s one thing to say all that, it’s an entirely different ball game to write such memorable and compelling antagonists into your own script. Don’t worry, because we have Creative Executive Dan Ingram here to break it down for you!

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover:

  • How the best villains are the heroes of their own stories 
  • What villains represent to the heroes
  • Challenging the hero 
  • Physical obstacles and emotional obstacles 

About Your Host:

After graduating from Missouri State University with a degree in Mass Media, Dan Ingram moved to Los Angeles to pursue his MFA from New York Film Academy. Upon receiving his graduate degree, he worked briefly in reality television before being hired by the President of Production for De Laurentiis Company as a Creative Executive.

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