Don’t F#@k It Up: A Study on First Impressions

Hosted by Jalessa Jones - Literary Manager Assistant at Circle of Confusion

So, you’ve heard that the film industry runs on connections and referrals, that making friends and fans of your work is the long game that every working writer in Hollywood has to play. Well, that’s all true, but to play the long game, you have to make a good first impression. Everything from the logline to the query email matters when looking to pique someone’s interest, just as the execution of your vision on the page is vital to making that great first impression. But, if you do all that right, then you have to take a meeting, and there’s a whole new kind of first impression you have to make.

Getting dizzy yet? Don’t worry, this 90-min. Webinar with Circle of Confusion Assistant Jalessa Jones is designed to help you navigate the first impressions minefield.

This 90-min. Webinar Will Cover:

  • The channels your work travels through before landing at a Manager's or Executive’s desk 
  • How to make that stellar first impression: logline, query email, etc. 
  • Keeping the pages strong and compelling 
  • Signing Meetings, and how to decide which Agent/Manager is right for you
About Your Host:

Jalessa Jones is a midwestern girl who's had dreams of Hollywood since her very early days as a Disney film collector and connoisseur; Jalessa Jones attended Columbia College Chicago's esteemed Television school, where her academic focus revolved around the development, writing, producing, and directing of television shows.

Jalessa graduated this past May with her B.A. in TV Writing and Producing. She's been an assistant at Circle of Confusion ever since, where she supports two of the hardest working literary managers in the business. Jalessa aspires to head a studio one day, and might be biased, but couldn't have asked to learn from two human beings, with better taste and savvy.

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