In the Trenches: Behind the Scenes at a Production Company

Ever wonder what the heck actually happens at a production/development company? Why does everything in the industry seem to move at the speed of molasses? What do they actually do with a script when they get it? Michael Onofri (Creative Executive, LD Entertainment) is here to pull back the curtain and reveal how his company searches for writers, how big his read pile is and much more!

Michael will go over general meetings and what you need to do to prepare for it and will highlight how this is different than other types of pitching. Michael has a unique perspective as in addition to being a Creative Exec at LD Entertainment, he’s also a writer with Roadmap! Michael will talk about his experience on the other side of the table and how it relates to his own writer journey in the trenches with all of you.

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:
  • How production companies receive scripts & the ladder they must climb to production
  • What production companies look for in new writers
  • The actual time frame on script to production
  • How “Who You Know” is the most misunderstood of all industry cliches
  • The difference between general meetings and other forms of pitching
About Your Host:

Michael Onofri has been with LD Entertainment for 3 years as a Creative Executive and has worked on the films RISEN, ANTHROPOID, JACOB'S LADDER and JACKIE. He is now actively working on LD's next film DOG DAYS, to be directed by Ken Marino.

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