Step 5: Top Tier (October 2021)

Career Writer Program
Select Deposit Option

You will be sent an invoice for the remainder of your balance 2 weeks after the start of the program to the email address you use to pay the deposit. Balances must be paid in full prior to the end of the class unless prior arrangements are made. Failure to pay invoices in a timely manner will result in the forfeiture of your spot and you will not be permitted to complete the program. Questions? Email

Top Tier is for our best writers and it is where many of our writers' success stories are made.

Please review all of the below carefully before making your Top Tier Program selection for the month. Here are the options for Top Tier:

Option #1: Read and Meets - With this option, you can select 6 x 20-minute Private Zoom meetings with execs of your choice. Each exec reads the first 15 pages of one of your scripts and a one-page synopsis of the story prior to your meeting. After the meeting, the exec will complete a feedback form and indicate if they wish to stay in touch with you and read more of your work.

Option #2: Matchmakers - You will select TWO  Matchmaker Execs. For each Matchmaker, you will send your script to the exec at least a week before the session and they will read the script in full before meeting with you in a round table setting and providing you with notes for 20-25 mins. You then will have a week to edit your script based on the notes and return the marked-up script to the exec for review. You will meet in a second roundtable where the exec will provide you with feedback on your rewrite. You may elect to send the same script to both Matchmaker Execs or a different script to each (but make sure you allow yourself sufficient time to complete your rewrites). Matchmakers a) show managers and execs how you take notes (which is a HUGE deal), b) give you more time with execs, and c) give those execs an opportunity to keep working with you after the sessions. Of course, there's no guarantee that every writer will be chosen to keep working with each exec, but it definitely will you a really focused goal for that month and help you to elevate your material and help to build relationships with your selected execs. 

Option #3: General Meeting Track - You will select THREE execs to meet with who will read your script in full before meeting with you on zoom for thirty minutes. General Meetings allow you to spend quality one-on-one time with execs. They also give execs the opportunity to get to know more about you and your portfolio and to decide if they would like to read more of your work or progress your project within their company.

Option #4: Incubator - Develop a new script with an exec of your choice. Meet with your exec every week in a  roundtable setting to receive feedback on the pages you submitted that week. This is a 6-week Incubator that runs for two consecutive months and you will need to sign up for an Incubator in both months. In the second month, after the incubator concludes, you will have a 2-week MatchMaker with another exec to do one more polish on your script. 

With any choice, you also receive:

REGULAR CHECK-INS: You connect with your peers and the Director of our Top Tier Programs in a roundtable setting to discuss your progress and challenges.

SUNDAY WEBINARS: You have access to the Sunday webinars organized each month by Roadmap.

TARGETTED  EMAILS: Our CEO, Joey Tuccio, will email up to five execs on your behalf.

TOP TIER MARKETING EMAILS: From time to time, Joey will email you details of selected companies' exclusive needs. The subject line will read "Top Tier Marketing."

You can also participate in weekly Top Tier Accountability sessions and Roadmap Writing Sprint Cafes.


How it Works

After registering, your confirmation email will include a link for you to access your syllabus for the program, which will include any prep work & resources, class dates & times, join links, assignments, and other instructions.

All interactive sessions are conducted face-to-face via video conferencing software Zoom. While the ability to call in by phone does exist, we strongly recommend taking full advantage of the face-to-face nature of these programs, so you should plan to attend your sessions in front of a computer or stationary tablet at a desk or table in a well-lit room. 

Please ensure you are familiar with our Code of Conduct.

The Roadmap Promise

Roadmap Writers prides itself on the quality of executives we bring to our programs and we work hard to get you the best feedback possible.

Our vetted executives are chosen by the legitimacy of the companies they work for and their ability to evaluate pitches and pages.

Only the executives you sign up for will be provided with your materials.