Step 3: Water Bottle Tour

At Roadmap, we believe in putting writers in real-world environments and showing them what the industry is really like. Enter: The Water Bottle Tour!

"Water Bottle Tour" is the term for when agents and managers set their clients up on a string of meetings in a short period of time. The phrase refers to the litany of water bottles one collects at each of these meetings that usually end up covering your car's floorboard! In this Water Bottle Tour, writers learn what executives really look for in their pages, pitches, and general meetings. 

Our Water Bottle Tour is for Advanced Writers Only. We strongly recommend completing the Pitch Prep Program and the Marketing Intensive prior to diving in. Full of immersive opportunities with executives and private general meetings, writers are put to the test in numerous rooms with more execs than ever! This is a fast-paced, fully immersive experience to push you from "good in the room" to "owning the room". 

"Loving the Water Bottle Tour! Learned a lot from some very sharp industry pros, running the gamut from pitching and taking meetings to getting full coverage on my script. It was already well worth the money, and I still have one week to go!" - Lisa Rysinger

"I loved the Water Bottle Tour! It provided assistance in ways not normally accessible. For instance, we’re having a 30-minute general meeting this weekend to mimic such meetings in LA. Great opportunity!" Larry Woldenberg

"Hollywood is all about “Who you know.”  But how do you, as a writer, turn that around to “Who knows you?” The water bottle tour will teach you how to get noticed and remembered." - Marie Roughan


Week #1 - Meeting 2 Executives

9:30am - 10:00am - Orientation with Roadmap's CEO, Joey Tuccio

  • Get ready for the Advanced Water Bottle Tour! Joey will run down all the programs and give final pointers before you are thrown into the whirlwind of the Advanced Water Bottle Tour!

10:00am - 11:30am - Elevator Pitch Roundtable

  • One of the most important types of pitching is the elevator pitch. You often might only have 3 minutes to pitch to an executive. But how can you convey all the elements of your script in less than 3 minutes? What should you include and what can be excluded? This Elevator Pitch Roundtable will drill your elevator pitches so you can feel confident about those shorter pitches!

11:30am - 1:00pm - Virtual Meetup

  • Following an intro from the exec, each writer will have 5 minutes to give an overview of their projects and brand. Following each 5 minute elevator general meeting, the rest of the time will be used for a Q&A with the exec so you can ask them any industry-related question you have. Your exec will have your loglines and bios beforehand too so they will already be familiar with you all before.

Week #2 - Meeting 2 Executives

10:00am - 11:00am - Virtual Meetup

  • See Description in Week #1

11:00am - 1:00pm - 30 Minute General Meetings with Genre-Specific Exec

  • Each writer will take the skills they learned so far and apply them to a full private 30 Minute Mock General Meeting with an executive specifically interested in their genre. Can you own the room? Each writer will receive written feedback from that executive on that general meeting. 

    Week #3 - Meeting 1 Executive

    10:00am - 12:00pm - Learn How Executives Analyze Scripts with Interactive Coverage Assignment

    • Prior to the session, all writers will turn in Coverage on a script pre-selected by the Exec.
    • During the session, the Exec will critique each writer's Coverage and highlight differences between Writers' Coverage and the Exec's own Coverage of the same script. Exec will discuss the basics of writing Coverage and what elements should be assessed and how to do so.

    Week #4 - Meeting 1 Executive

    10:00am - 12:00pm - 30 Minute General Meetings with Genre-Specific Exec

      • See Description in Week #2

        PLUS the below sessions - included each month with ALL Steps in the Career Writer Program:

        Peer-to-Peer: Mondays @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm PT
        • You’ll join other members on video conferencing software ZOOM to practice your screenwriting pitches. There will not be a moderator or an exec present — this is just for extra practice with your screenwriting network! You may also choose to use this session for a Logline Clinic if you need help writing loglines, tonal comps and much more.
          Webinars: Sundays @ 4:00pm - 5:30pm PT
          • These 90-minute sessions are taught by working screenwriters and industry executives. A comprehensive range of writing and marketing topics is covered by each professional. A live Q&A follows every presentation to address your specific concerns.
            Combs' Corner: 2nd Wednesday of each month @ 5:00pm - 6:00pm PT
            • Roadmap's Creative Director Brandon Combs gives you a behind-the-scenes look at pitch sessions, interacting with executives, the life of an aspiring screenwriter, tips on staying sane, avoiding writer’s block, networking techniques, getting your work out there and more!
              Opening Pages Analysis: Click to see Upcoming
              • Roadmap's CEO Joey Tuccio discusses some of the immediate reasons an executive might pass on your work...and you might not even know you're doing one of these things! Remember, most execs won't read past page 5 if they aren't hooked from the start. Joey will give several volunteer writers specific feedback on their opening 3 pages. The pages will be shared on screen with the rest of the group so everybody can learn from the feedback.