[Business Series] Speak the Language: How to Negotiate a Bigger Option and Entice More Experienced Producers to Your Project

Mike Burkenbine
Becket Film Fund

When you finish writing a feature film, the process of getting films optioned and eventually made can seem like the wild west - there’s so many players and elements to consider, and the what and the why of it all is easily daunting. After all, what elements go into a script that gets optioned? How do you attract a good producer to your project? And what can you, as a writer, do to ensure you get the best deal possible when someone does option your script?

Here with the answers to all this and more, Mike Burkenbine!

This 90-Minute Webinar Will Cover:

  • The various components of the feature film package that producers want to see from you
  • How to estimate the budget for your film
  • How to put together cast and director wishlists
  • Film Financials 101
  • Live Q&A!
About Your Host

Mike Burkenbine began his entertainment career at ACNielsen where he undertook the role of business development and created a consumer tracking system for Home Entertainment sales; VideoScan™. This system allows filmmakers and studios alike to track and analyze film sales and rentals to consumers. Mike also devised the analytical techniques used to forecast feature film revenue and distribution, improve profitability of acquisitions, as well as devise marketing tactics and strategies. Using his ground-breaking analytics, Mike impacted the revenue at The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Entertainment, and NBC/Universal studios.

Also during this time Mike completed his MBA in Entertainment at the University of Southern California. From there he was recruited to work for Sony Pictures Entertainment. As Executive Director, he was responsible for multi-national sales forecasting, supply chain, marketing research, merchandising, sales reporting, acquisitions, and business development. His leadership resulted in increased margins and revenue of produced and acquired feature film and television projects. Some of the hundreds of titles for which he impacted revenue and margins include Men In Black, Jerry Maguire, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Godzilla, Spider-Man, Stuart Little, Girl, Interrupted, Resident Evil, Michael Flatly, Lord of the Dance, and Seinfeld.

Next, Mike took on the role of Vice President, Ventura Distribution which was the world’s largest distributor of independent films. His responsibilities included acquisitions, MG negotiations, sales forecasting, digital strategy, retail marketing, merchandising, release scheduling, and brand management.

Currently, Mike is the CEO of Becket Film Fund, a feature film financing company whose films focus on inclusion of under-represented writers, directors, and actors. These multi-nationally distributed and marketed films generated superior revenue streams. Mike is also a feature film consultant who generates analytics that optimize financing, distribution, and marketing for independent films.

Mike’s philanthropic activities have included: Board of Directors, USC Associates, Board of Advisors & Chairman, Student/Alumni Committee for the Marshall School of Business; and Board of Directors, Special Olympics of Southern California.

What To Expect

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