Say What? Crafting Compelling Dialogue: 2-Week Clinic Starts Tues 12/11

Tuesdays 12/11 & 12/18 @ 6:30pm - 8:30pm PT
Taught by Joseph Fronk (Literary Manager & Producer, Island Park Entertainment)

Dialogue is a powerful tool that when utilized effectively can make (or break!) a script. How do you reveal information without spoon feeding it to the audience? How do you make things that are carefully plotted sound organic? Joe Fronk (Manager/Producer, Island Park Entertainment), is here to host a 2-week Clinic all about dialogue!

Each session will begin with a lecture from Joe where he will use real examples from film & TV scripts and analyze what makes some of the greats truly iconic. He’ll also give tips on how to make your own dialogue memorable. For this Clinic, you will submit ten dialogue-heavy pages of your script for prior review. Joe will then give you personalized feedback on your pages during the session!

In This 2-Week Clinic You Will:

  • Learn how to effectively use dialogue to reveal character
  • Identify ways to avoid too much exposition in the dialogue
  • Properly utilize subtext to disguise your characters' intentions
  • Get tips on creating unique voices for each of your characters
  • Receive personalized feedback on your pages
  • Live Discussion!

About Your Instructor:

Joe Fronk is a literary manager, producer, and founder of Island Park Entertainment, a Management and Production company representing writers, directors, and talent in film, television, and new media. Prior to founding IPE in November 2017, Fronk worked as the Coordinator of Original Programming at EPIX, joining the premium cable/streaming network in September 2015 where he played a key role in the network's entry into the scripted originals landscape, working in Original Series, Documentaries, Docu-Series, and Live Events & Specials in Music & Comedy. The department's success contributed significantly to MGM's $1 Billion acquisition of the network in March 2017. Prior to EPIX, Fronk began his career in the mailroom at UTA, later working for screenwriter Chris Morgan at Chris Morgan Productions and in Production on several notable film and tv shows, including Disney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK and Showtime’s MASTERS OF SEX.