About Christian

Christian Taylor is president of Taylor Lane Productions, a Los Angeles based independent production company.

Born in Manhattan, he began his career in the New York Theater and later moved to Los Angeles, where he worked in talent and literary management at Industry Entertainment and Lighthouse Entertainment, and in development at Imagine Entertainment.

In 2011 Christian founded Taylor Lane Productions, where his focus is specialty films and multi-platform content for global audiences.

His first feature Hick, written by Andrea Portes (based on her novel) and directed by Derick Martini, stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Eddie Redmayne, Blake Lively, Juliette Lewis, and Alec Baldwin. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011 and was released theatrically and on VOD by Phase 4 Films.

More recently, Christian produced the coming of a age film, Measure Of A Man, written by David Scearce (A Single Man), based on the novel "One Fat Summer" by Robert Lipsyte. The film is directed by Jim Loach (Oranges and Sunshine) and stars Donald Sutherland, Judy Greer, Luke Wilson, Blake Cooper, and Liana Liberato, and will be released in theaters May 11th, 2018 by Great Point Media.

    Christian's Pitch Tip: Establish central characters first and pitch story in clear three act structure, focusing on big story beats.

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    In this special 8-Min Read Only Session, Christian Taylor of Taylor Lane Productions will read your script for 8 minutes and provide a feedback report on that read that you will receive within 5 business days of the scheduled session. This is in lieu of a written or verbal pitch.

    Material Due: Saturday 8/4 @ 9:00am PT

    This is for writers with the below formats & genres:

    Features: All Budgets

    • Drama
    • Comedy
    • RomCom
    • Sci-Fi
    • Action
    • Adventure
    • Fantasy
    • Thriller
    • Horror

    TV Projects:

    • Cable & Streaming
    • Half-Hour Pilots
    • One-Hour Pilots
    • Miniseries
    • Limited Series
    • TV Movies
    • Drama
    • Comedy
    • Sci-Fi
    • Action
    • Adventure
    • Fantasy
    • Thriller
    • Horror

    Other themes & formats that interest this exec:

    • Coming-of-Age
    • Revenge
    • Futuristic
    • Post-Apocalyptic
    • Sports
    • Inspirational
    • True Stories
    • Biopics
    • Young Adult (YA)
    • Female-Driven
    • Period Piece
    • Crime/True Crime
    • Psychological
    • High-Concept
    • Books
    • Graphic Novels
    • Documentary Adaptations

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    How To Submit

    After you sign up, you will receive instructions on how to submit your contact info or written pitch.

    Your material/contact submission is due as soon as you are ready, but no later than 2 hours prior to the start of the session.

    You will receive this exec's feedback on your pitch in 5 business days following the session unless otherwise notified.