FREE Webinar: Introducing: WriterDuet!

Many of you have heard about the program WriterDuet but still aren't quite sure what it is and why you might need it. Roadmap is happy to host Guy Goldstein, creator of WriterDuet, and Dennis Budde, project manager of WriterDuet to explain what their program is all about!

Guy will discuss his background, why he saw a need for WriterDuet, and how along with industry-standard screenplay formatting in a streamlined, modern interface, WriterDuet has unmatched tools for real-time collaboration, notes/feedback, and revision tracking.

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:
  -Learn all the features of WriterDuet
  -Learn about the security of WriterDuet and how it connects to the cloud
  -Access your scripts from anywhere!
  -Live Demo

About Your Hosts:

Guy (Founder and CEO) is a screenwriter, improvisor, and creator of technology for writers including WriterDuet, ReadThrough, and the HartChart.

Dennis (Product Manager) is a sketch comedian, writer, and aggressive communicator between WriterDuet's brilliant team of developers and extraordinary user base.

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