And The Winner Is...Executive Chris Rosati from Monkeypaw Productions (GET OUT)

When you hear about films that have pushed the envelope and raised the bar, the movie Get Out is on the top of the list. Made for only $5MM, Get Out grossed over $250MM and is shaking up awards season. 

Roadmap is excited to have executive Chris Rosati from Monkeypaw Productions as part of our And The Winner Is...Summit! Monkeypaw Productions is led by the director/writer of Get Out, Jordan Peele. This Master Webinar will cover the horror and drama feature landscape and what the market is craving for.

This 90 Minute Master Webinar Will Cover:

  • Chris will introduce himself and an overview of Monkeypaw Productions (and the important footprint they want to make on the industry)
  • Familiar tropes he finds in horror and drama scripts that are overdone
  • Chris will spotlight a horror and drama project he has worked on and what elements he helped develop to get it off the ground
  • The importance of writing with a point of view and how that should affect everything in a script
  • The biggest pitfalls writers fall into when pitching horror and drama projects

About Chris:

Chris Rosati is the development coordinator at Monkeypaw Productions. Monkeypaw recently produced the box office smash Get Out with Blumhouse Productions and Universal. Before working at Monkeypaw, Chris worked at management company Principato Young Entertainment. They are actively building their slate with a keen eye on promoting diversity. 

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