Roadmap Writers Hour Consultation

After registering, you will receive an email containing the link to the Material Submission Form where you will submit your script. On that form, you will indicate the name of the executive you chose to review your script.

After submitting your script, please allow at least 2-3 weeks for the exec to review the material. When the exec is ready, you will be contacted via email to schedule your private one-hour story notes call.

Available secret execs include:

Luke Franek - Executive at The Middleton Media Group

*Great for comedy, drama, rom com, sci fi and action projects!

Byron A. Martin - Producer at Byron A. Martin Productions
*Great for drama, comedy, action, thriller and horror projects!

Seth Parks - Director of Development at Guy Walks Into A Bar Productions
*Great for drama, comedy, sci fi and thriller projects!

Audrey Knox - Manager at The Cartel
*Great for TV dramas and TV comedies!

Amanda Prager - Assistant at HBO
*Great for all genres and formats!

Jasmine Morrison - Investment Manager at The Fyzz Facility
*Great for all genres and formats!

Phil Keefe - Manager at Burn Later
*Great for features of all genres!

Scott Bedno - SVP of Myriad Pictures
*Great for all genres and formats!

Isabelle Smith - Coordinator at Anonymous Content
*Great for all genres and formats!

Danny Alexander - Agent at APA
*Great for all genres for TV!

Tani Shukla - Assistant at FOX Digital Studio
*Great for all genres and formats!

Kieran Dunstan - Producer (Formerly from Paradigm and TBS)
*Great for all genres and formats!

Katie Nicholson - Creative Executive at DC Entertainment (deal with Warner Bros).
*Great for pilots of all genres!

Catherine Cillek - Head of Development at Metalwork Pictures
*Great for all genres and formats (except comedies)!

Bret Slater - runs development for John Stamos' production company, Bret also produced USA's Shooter and HBO's Ballers. 
*Great for all TV pilots

Tessie Groff - Director of Development at The H Collective
*Great for all genres for features!

Jake Schnesel - Showrunner's Assistant at Rhode Island Ave Productions 
*Great for all TV pilots!

David Chien - Manager at Art/Work Entertainment
*Great for comedies!

Benjamin Kabilias - Executive at PalmStar Media/National Lampoon 
*Great for all genres and formats!

Ava Nelson - Executive at Team Downey 
*Great for all genres and formats!

Jason Lubin - Owner/Manager at First Story Entertainment 
*Great for all genres and formats!

Faisal Kanaan - Manager at Grandview
*Great for all feature genres (except comedies)!

Ben Coster - Development Assistant at Original Film 
*Great for studio level projects!

Rebecca Eddy - Executive at Lakeshore Entertainment 
*Great for low budget features!

Max Cunningham - Assistant to Producer at Berlanti Productions 
*Great for all TV pilots!

Kevin Shih - Director of Development of Eli Roth's CryptTV 
*Great for horror, sci fi, action and thriller projects!

Bob Cammisa - Assistant to partners at Writ Large
*Great for all genres and formats!

Chelsea Kardos - Network Executive at AMC
*Great for all TV pilots!

Anne Montavon - Diablo Cody's Assistant at Vita Vera Films
*Great for all genres and formats!

Daniel Clark - building the new literary department at WSA Entertainment 
*Great for all genres and formats!