Partial Top Tier

This Partial Top Tier is for writers who want to stay in Top Tier but can't commit to a full program. 

This Partial Top Tier program includes:

1) Two private 30 minute phone calls with Brandon Combs (our Creative Director) to give you any assistance with helping you find target companies for your projects, pitch help and/or a script analysis. You will also have ongoing email correspondence with Brandon between calls to further assist you. Basically, Brandon will be your personal guide and career counselor for the month!

2) Access to Top Tier Pitch Prep Roundtables taking place every Thursday and Friday from 3:00 - 5:00pm PT to further help you with your pitch. 

3) One Marketing Session with Joey where you will send him 50 target companies for your projects and Joey will email 5-7 of those companies Roadmap has a relationship on your behalf to help get you more script requests. 

4) Access to all the Top Tier roundtables so you can audit and do elevator pitches (time permitted) to over a dozen executives. 

5) All the Sunday webinars.