Career Writer Program: On-Ramp

Wednesday Evenings & Weekends

Here's a little secret: being the most talented writer in the world will only take you so far in Hollywood. Professional writers know this, and so, to push their scripts ahead of the pack, they are excellent at expanding their network and keeping their pitches sharp. Roadmap brings a unique program to make our writers as competitive as ever.

At Roadmap Writers Industry Access On-Ramp, we provide writers with educational tools, collaboration opportunities, and pitching strategies to help writers take their craft to the next level. Also, just for being a member, you'll receive access to bonus sessions, exclusive discounts, and secret executives not available to the general public. 

All sessions take place 100% online utilizing video conferencing software ZOOM so writers can participate from anywhere in the world!

Save $20 if you start a monthly subscription to the Roadmap Writers Industry Access On-Ramp! 

"For those on a fixed income like myself, On-Ramp is the perfect introduction to the Career Writer Program. It pays for itself when you figure in all the extras - free webinars, one free open pitch, an elevator pitch roundtable with three executives, and expert advice on loglines and pitches. You also meet other writers and see that your struggles are also theirs. It’s a great community." 

- Jerrold Guadagni 

“On-Ramp is a mini-bootcamp each month. I'm beyond thankful for the Roadmap team. My writing and self-confidence have improved significantly because of them.”

- Gary Fayman

    Pitch Prep Webinar w/ Chris Deckard - Manager, Fictional Entity
    First Wednesday of the Month @ 6:30pm - 8:00pm PT
    • Manager Chris Deckard will host a Pitch Prep Webinar covering the most important elements every pitch should have. Ask Chris questions as well to help you overcome any obstacles you are facing with your pitch.
    Combs' Corner

    Second Wednesday of the Month @ 5:00pm - 6:00pm PT 

    • Roadmap's Creative Director Brandon Combs gives you a behind-the-scenes look at pitch sessions, interacting with executives, the life of an aspiring screenwriter, tips on staying sane, avoiding writer’s block, networking techniques, getting your work out there and more!
    Live Logline Workshop

    Second Wednesday of the Month @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm PT

    • Having trouble with your logline? Want a formula for how to compose an effective logline? Members can workshop together with Roadmap's COO Dorian Connelley to create a standout logline!
    Elevator Pitch Roundtable w/ Executive

    Third Wednesday of the Month @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm PT

    • Have a 5-Minute Elevator Pitch to an industry professional in an online roundtable setting for their valuable feedback. Previous elevator pitch sessions included execs from Dark Trick Films (Ryan Reynolds' company), Fictional Entity, Original Film, Rumble Films, and Lawrence Bender Productions. 
        Opening Pages Analysis

        Last Wednesday of the Month @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm PT 

        • Roadmap's CEO Joey Tuccio discusses some of the immediate reasons an executive might pass on your work...and you might not even know you're doing one of these things! Remember, most execs won't read past page 5 if they aren't hooked from the start. Joey will give several volunteer writers specific feedback on their opening 3 pages. The pages will be shared on screen with the rest of the group so everybody can learn from the feedback.
        1x Open Pitch Session (Weekends) - Verbal or Written Pitch
        • Choose from dozens of execs to pitch your project to for their valuable feedback. You can choose to pitch via a private 8-minute Skype session or submit a 1-2 page written pitch. 
        Webinars: Sundays @ 4:00pm - 5:30pm PT
        • These 90-minute sessions are taught by working screenwriters and industry executives. A comprehensive range of writing and marketing topics is covered by each professional. A live Q&A follows every presentation to address your specific concerns.
        Peer-to-Peer: Mondays @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm PT
        • You’ll join other members on video conferencing software ZOOM to practice your screenwriting pitches. There will not be an exec present — this is just for extra practice with your screenwriting network! You may also choose to use this session for a Logline Clinic if you need help writing loglines, tonal comps, and much more!