No One's Buying - Now What?

Jesse Murphy
Creative Executive
Wayans/Alvarez Productions

You’ve tried everything to get your script out there and despite the lack of takers, you know you have a good story. However, the market is low and no one’s buying. Now what? Jesse Murphy (Creative Executive, Wayans/Alvarez Productions) is here to answer that question!

Jesse will cover the multitude of avenues there are these days for moving forward with your writing career aside from traditional film and TV such as digital play, theater, creating your own IP and many others. He will also give an overview on how to produce and finance projects, and the other things aside from writing that you need to know in order to venture down any of these roads. Knowledge of the business is extremely helpful and Jesse is here to provide you with an understanding of the perspective on the other side of the table.

Jesse will also have a special guest to illustrate just one way a Roadmap writer was able to seize an unconventional opportunity in order to advance her career. Jesse plucked up our very own Top Tier writer Jess Carson to write her first musical for the stage in NYC. They’ll discuss the differences between screenwriting and stage writing and the steps she took to adapt the idea to the musical.

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:

  • Other forms your story can potentially be done in/sold as
  • Creating marketable IP
  • How to network and get past the gatekeepers of these new venues
  • Where to look for unconventional opportunities
About Your Host

Jesse Murphy is an Emmy award-winning producer who began his career as an assistant at Paradigm Talent & Literary Agency in Beverly Hills, California. After a year at the agency, he transitioned into production under Paul Schiff (MY COUSIN VINNY, RUSHMORE). Independent of Schiff, he founded TopRat Productions which is set to produce LUCIFER The Musical starring Tony Award Winner, Trent Kowalik.

In 2016 he came on board Marlon Wayans (WHITE CHICKS, SCARY MOVIE) & Rick Alvarez’s term deal at Universal Television. Throughout that time he’s worked on NBC’s summer sitcom, MARLON and Netflix’s Original Feature, NAKED. Murphy is presently the companies’ creative executive and continues to oversee their slate’s development.

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