Nick Fullen-Collins

Artistic Vision Entertainment
Saturdays 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, 6/2 @ 2:00pm - 4:00pm PT

About Your Host

Nick Fullen-Collins got his start in Hollywood working as a Production Coordinator  for Martin Lawrence’s successful comedy tour, Doin’ Time. Upon finishing the tour,  Nick transitioned into working under the President and CEO of Queen Latifah’s  production company, Flavor Unit Entertainment. During that time, Nick worked on the  successful show, Single Ladies on VH1, as well as the critically acclaimed and Emmy award winning HBO film, Bessie, which starred Queen Latifah.  
 Most recently, Nick worked at HBO in various departments, including the drama  department, in which he worked for the Vice President who oversaw, Game of Thrones and Young Pope. In addition he also worked in the Talent/Development department, helping to manage and coordinate the 2015/2016 HBO Access writers and directors program. 
 During his time at HBO, Nick realized his true passion was working with  emerging writers and directors, as well as helping diverse talent from people of color, and women who often struggle for fair opportunities within the industry.  
 In January 2017, Nick took a leap of faith and left HBO to launch his own production  company, Artistic Vision Entertainment, in which he plans to acquire, develop, and  produce television and film projects. The meaning behind the company is to always  strive to create content with “artistic” value, that has a clear vision.  
 Currently, Nick is developing 4 television/filmprojects; two of these projects include:  A Latin American family drama, and a sports documentary series that will feature future hall fame athletes training/competing during the offseason.  
 In addition to developing film and television projects, Nick  serves as a writing Consultant, in which he helps discover and mentor emerging writers, and also assists in acquiring representation for their projects. As of now, Nick has helped five writers over the last year and a half attain representation and/or funding for their projects.

Group Mentorship - Program Details

Limited to only 5 writers, in this special Group Mentorship you won't just receive feedback on your script, but also individual coaching on your pitch, your marketing strategy, and your next steps as you take your screenwriting career to the next level!

You will have the opportunity to share your material with your classmates so that each writer will learn from their own feedback and the feedback given to their peers. You'll also be able to email the host during the week so you are fully guided for the entire month.

Program Schedule

Your mentor will read your full script prior to the first session and will give each writer 20-30 min. of notes. Get personalized feedback on your pages and ask your mentor any questions about your script and the industry! 

Your mentor will assign a writing prompt of their own design to see how you adapt to a "writing assignment"-like scenario. Following feedback & discussion of the Challenge submissions, you'll have the opportunity to test out the verbal pitch for one of your projects with your mentor and peers.

Your mentor will read another full script prior to the session - it's your choice to get a second round of notes on your script to really make it shine or work on an entirely different script altogether!

Your mentor will review a one-pager of your bio, loglines, any traction, and questions about where you're at and what you should focus on next when it comes to your screenwriting career. Get actionable career advice on what your next steps should be, plus you'll have the opportunity to get final thoughts on your reworked verbal pitch!

Specializes in:

  • Drama
  • Thriller
  • All Budgets

  • Drama